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  1. The HILL UNI-Clamp PAM ARM is fully adjustable and includes a D-Clamp- these retails for 255.00 ASKING: $150.00 PRESTON Straight to 90 degree motor power cable (#4412) Retails for 210.00 ASKING $ 95.00 PRESTON 90 degree to 90 degree motor power cable ( #4411) Retails for 230.00 ASKING $100.00 PRESTON camera RUN Cable from MDR 3 or MDR 4 to 3 pin Fisher 12 V (#4521) ( Arri- Venice- Some Pana HD) Retails for 250.00 Asking $110.00 EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
  2. Putting this Full kit back on the market at a discounted price of $8199.00 please email only if you have any questions: jeromefauci@me.com
  3. TWO ADDITIONAL CABLES I FORGOT TO ADD TO THE KIT: One Transmitter power cable from ptap One Transmitter power from 2 pin 12 volt- (ARRI)
  4. This complete Boxx Atom and TWO Boxx Atom Receiver HD Video Package comes complete- The Box Atom with its 9 separate channels has no equal - this includes any Teradek unit or any conventional video transmitting unit when it comes to clarity and sheer distance that is needed for your typical Steadicam Shot. The Atom is Small and Light- The multichannels have improved the signal and problems of the previous Boxx Meriddian Units that would "drift " Channels- The Atom's channels start at Channel ONE for closer absolutely clear signals and progress to Channel Nine That is Capable to follow the longest distance transmissions, such as car to car transmissions or shots transmissions that need to go through stage walls and floors hundreds of feet to video village. This package includes: ONE BOXX ATOM TRANSMITTER w/ TWO -5dBi 5GHz RP-SMA antennas with TWO SPARE of same antennas ONE- Power Cable to Atom from steadicam cable 4 pin TWO Power Cable to Atom from 4 pin XLR- (these can be used to customize a power cable to your Sled) ONE ATOM Program Cable for computer updates ONE adjustable camera mount for the atom ONE soft case wrap ONE Boxx Soft Pouch for cables and access RECEIVER #1 w/ FIVE RP-SMA 3dBi gain rubber duckie antennas with FIVE SPARE of same antennas BOXX BNC to BNC Cable ONE 12" 4 pin XLR Power cable to Receiver ONE 25' 4pin XLR power cable to Receiver ONE AC Power supply ONE C-Stand mount for Receiver ONE Soft Wrap ONE Soft Boxx Pouch for cable and accs RECEIVER #2 FIVE RP-SMA 3dBi gain rubber duckie Antennas WITH FIVE SPARE of same Antennas BOXX BNC to BNC Cable One 12" 4 PIN XLR power cable to Receiver ONE C-Stand mount for Receiver SOFT WRAPP SOFT Pouch ONE BOXX MULTI-PANEL ANTENNAE BOOSTER ARRAY AUDIO CABLES For Package: Dual Audio Cable RCA Audio Cable VEHICLE MOUNT Suction Cup Pelican Case Rolling Case (# 1610) with Lid Organizer Pockets This Package is 1.5 years old- still under warranty PAID over 14K ASKING $ 10, 769.00 Email OR TEXT ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com TEXT : 310-809-4345
  5. interested in your HU3 still available jeromefauci@me.com
  6. Is your HU3 still for sale- Please email Only : jeromefauci@me.com
  7. Would you consider just selling the post alone- no cables/no top or bottom stage -just the post- Please let me know bu email: jeromefauci@me.com thanks - Jerome Fauci
  8. EVERYTHING SOLD except the micro force -handle and micro-force power cables- Everything in the last photo
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