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  2. Modern's Skateboard Dolls, complete with Channels. Standard skateboard dolly. Features (32) red, soft durometer wheels. Allows for the use of Hydraulic Dollies , Western Dollies or camera platforms to be used on Dolly track. In Like-new Condition Modern retails( w tax and shipping) over $ 2400.00 ASKING $1599.99 for the set. email only: jeromefauci@me.com
  3. Great working condition and great looking, as well- AND A GREAT RENTAL . I own two-( Got a kid going to college- God help me) Nodal, and all the "off the wall" camera angles, are all the rage these days- thanks to the new handheld gimbals- ( Movi/ Ronin/ Trinity) This Cartoni head allows you to put the Camera lens anywhere you want including a full 360 degree Nodal- (Getting Dizzy -just thinking about it) The difference, from the sometimes scary three axis gimbals, mentioned above( that have , no doubt given, some operator's othondontist some work)- is , the Cartoni Lambda Head gives you full control from the dolly, camera slider, tripod-- or any mounted mitchell base plate. It has a pay load capacity of over 66 lbs ( try that on your gimbal) They Kit includes : The Lambda Head (Serial # LM 0480) Three Handles, including a telescopic handle, Castle Nut, Quick Start Diagram, and a Custom Innerspace, rolling case. (Tripod not included) This kit retails at over 19,000.00 Asking $10, 879.00 Here are the specs from Cartoni : Cartoni Lambda Nodal Overview The Lambda is a "Nodal Swing Head" ideally suited for 35mm film cameras fully equipped with long lenses, matte-box and extra large magazines. Designed to provide a high level of operational flexibility, this fluid head can be easily fitted to a wide range of supports like tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars. The head comes equipped with a standard Mitchell flat base. Available as an option, a 150mm ball base, two balancing counterweights and a third axis to roll the camera 360° sidewise. The mounting can be inverted for low line lens positioning allowing the camera to be moved all the way to the ground and provide for accurate images which normally cannot be obtained with other traditional fluid heads. With the Lambda, there is no need to change or disassemble a variety of additional platforms or risers to suit the optical center of the camera. Simply adjust the center of gravity by turning the two independent wheels which are easy to reach and smooth to operate; the vertical sliding platform will immediately rise or lowered with a precise positive movement and considerable time saving. The balance system is designed so that camera swings on its own center of gravity and rotates 360° on its vertical axis. No springs or similar counter reaction elements are required to set the head in a fixed tilt position allowing both pan and tilt movements to have identical feel. The lens focal distance can be kept constant by choosing the suitable camera position with its relevant sliding plate. The Lambda employs the patented fluid drag control system on both pan and tilt modes allowing the damping levels to range from "0" for freewheeling to "7" for maximum drag.
  4. Are these items still available? are they Cinemill mounts?
  5. Hey Jamie: Im interested in the Ronin Kit- Can I get a List of everything included-? you could make it like an invoice if you want- Please Email : jeromefauci@me.com since I don't really check my SOA mailbox much If you need to call/Text Jerome Fauci/ 310-809-4345 Thanks
  6. Hey Chris is the Microforce still available? do you have a mounting bracket for a HU3 and a Y cable? Please email me : jeromefauci@me.com thanks Jerome Fauci
  7. The DM-1s still available? please email : jeromefauci@me.com or call 310-809-4345- Thanks Jerome Fauci
  8. Hey Aaron: its been while- Are the motors your selling in good shape? maintained lately? Noisey? - etc would you be interested in selling the newer of the two motors without the PAM , but include a power cable? please email me if you're interested : jeromefauci@me.com Hope you're well Jerome
  9. Hey Greg- interested in your Cam Tank- can you email me ? jeromefauci@me.com or text- 310-809-4345 Thanks Jerome Fauci
  10. CAMERA SIDE MOUNTS or 15mm and 19mm rods- lots of options for mounting - when the camera is loaded with accessories . $49.99 for BOTH CAMERA TOP MOUNT FOR 15mm Rods- good option when you run it of room to mount on top of camera $ $59.99 for BOTH DOG LEG: 19mm to 15mm $19.99 STEADICAM MONITOR V LOCK PLATE MOUNT- This V-Lock was made for a lite option to mount most any monitor on monitor brackets that accept the standard Pro or MVk spud- I used it on my Cinematronics and smallHD monitors $88.99 OCONNOR ASSISTANCE FRONT BOX MOUNT - OEM OCONNOR PART FOR MOST 2575 OConner fluid heads- quick attach to fluid head- then quick attach to your front box- excellent condition. $329.00 EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
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