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  1. interested in your HU3 still available jeromefauci@me.com
  2. Is your HU3 still for sale- Please email Only : jeromefauci@me.com
  3. Would you consider just selling the post alone- no cables/no top or bottom stage -just the post- Please let me know bu email: jeromefauci@me.com thanks - Jerome Fauci
  4. EVERYTHING SOLD except the micro force -handle and micro-force power cables- Everything in the last photo
  5. Would you sell one of the DM2 motors- alone- no PAM or cable- email me : jeromefauci@me.com
  6. Will you sell ONE of the DM-2 motors alone? email only: jeromefauci@me.com
  7. Is your DM-4 still available? email me please: jeromefauci@me.com
  8. This Preston Hand Unit 3 and MDR 3 kit is 1.5 years old. The kit has just been checked and ok'd by Preston Cinema last week. Preston Hand Unit 3 includes : Quick release hand grip SIX Focus Rings Three Preston Batteries TWO wall chargers military should strap MDR 3 includes: MDR POWER cable from Ptap MDR POWER Cable from three Pin Data up-date cable ARRI RUN -Camera Cable Precision Cinema MDR camera Mounting Plate DM 1X Motor (1/2" gear) w/ FULL PAM and Universal ARM, 90 degree to 90 degree Power cable, and 1/4" Spare gear DM 4 Motor (1/4" gear) w/ FULL PAM and Universal ARM, 90 to 90 degree Power cable, removable Iris Pitch Gear MICROFORCE V+F 2 This micro force works with the Hand Unit 3 AND can be used on a Camera Set up, INCLUDES: A Rock & Roll Handle for an Oconnor Fluid Head a Short Power Cable from Microforce to Hand Unit 3 A 25 ' Power Cable from Mircoforce to Hand Unit 3 This KIT ALSO Includes a BLACK Pelican 1550 case with Foam ( Not Shown) This kit looks and works in like New-Condition - worth over $25,000.00 if bought new ASKING $18,795.00 EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
  9. I have an AMERICAN STAND -TWO STAGE , with "rocky mountain leg (for steps or uneven ground)with Matthew wheels- brand new with hard case- ad is in Marketplace on this site- or email me: jeromefauci@me.com
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