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  1. Hey Chris is the Microforce still available? do you have a mounting bracket for a HU3 and a Y cable? Please email me : jeromefauci@me.com thanks Jerome Fauci
  2. The DM-1s still available? please email : jeromefauci@me.com or call 310-809-4345- Thanks Jerome Fauci
  3. Hey Aaron: its been while- Are the motors your selling in good shape? maintained lately? Noisey? - etc would you be interested in selling the newer of the two motors without the PAM , but include a power cable? please email me if you're interested : jeromefauci@me.com Hope you're well Jerome
  4. Hey Greg- interested in your Cam Tank- can you email me ? jeromefauci@me.com or text- 310-809-4345 Thanks Jerome Fauci
  5. CAMERA SIDE MOUNTS or 15mm and 19mm rods- lots of options for mounting - when the camera is loaded with accessories . $49.99 for BOTH CAMERA TOP MOUNT FOR 15mm Rods- good option when you run it of room to mount on top of camera $ $59.99 for BOTH DOG LEG: 19mm to 15mm $19.99 STEADICAM MONITOR V LOCK PLATE MOUNT- This V-Lock was made for a lite option to mount most any monitor on monitor brackets that accept the standard Pro or MVk spud- I used it on my Cinematronics and smallHD monitors $88.99 OCONNOR ASSISTANCE FRONT BOX MOUNT - OEM OCONNOR PART FOR MOST 2575 OConner fluid heads- quick attach to fluid head- then quick attach to your front box- excellent condition. $329.00 EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
  6. This is an incrediblly versatile Digital Cinematography Lens Set- They will work on both 2/3 chip cameras ( i.e.: Sony F900- Black Magic, ENG Video Cameras) as well as Full Sensor cameras ( I.E. Sony F-5 Sony F-55 , Sony F3, Red cameras with 2K center scan mode) The LENS SET includes the following:The Fujinon 10mm-100mm 10X HD SUPER Cine T 1.8 zoom Lens:The Fujinon HAe10x10 10-100mm 10x Cine Zoom Lens is part of Fujinon's premier series of 2/3" HD lenses designed for digital cinematography. The lens features a 10x zoom across a familiar 10-100mm focal range, and its fast maximum aperture of T1.8 enables excellent control over depth of !eld.The overall high quality of the HAe10x10 zoom makes the lens ideal for episodic TV, commercials, green-screen shoots, independent production, or any other cinematic projects that employ 2/3" HD cameras. E series lenses o"er top optical performance, with no breathing and no ramping. This lens was originally purchased from Fuji in 2007 for $65,000.00. Still retails today from $2500.00 to $5500.00 -Customized case and swing away studio matte box and lens support are included. Focal Length 10-100mm-T-No. T1.8-Zoom Ratio 10x-Close Focus Limit .94m (36.96")-Size ΓΈ 128x287mm-Weight 5.8kg (12.76lbs)-Application 2/3" B4 mount HD Camera-Mount B4 2/3 inch-Iris Blades 11Fujinon HD Cine Prime Lens :The 20mm ( T1.5- Close Focus 18") and 40mm ( T 1.5- Close Focus 20") Prime lens , incredibly sharp and fast at T1.5 with uniformed and well marked Iris and focus gears-. these Lens once retailed at over five figures each are still selling for between $1500.00 - $2500.00 EACHSony B4 to Pl Lens Adapter:This is what makes this package very versatile - Now you can use the above Lens not only for Cine HD cameras like the Sony F-900 and eng cameras- but with this adapter- these lens can be used with Sony Full Sensor camera that have 2K center scan mode - ( Sony F-5, Sony F-55 , Sony F3) as well as RED camera under the same specs. This Lens adapter has the same qualities as the Abacus 132 convertor.The B4 to PL-Mount Super 16mm Adapter for PMW-F5 / F-55 from Sony converts B4 (2/3-inch) zoom and prime lenses to PL-mount, Super 16mm format for use with the PMW-F5 and F55 when shooting in 2K Center Scan mode. It is compact in size and features high-quality optics with no image degradation and minimal light loss at less than 0.5 T-Stop. This Lens adapter retails at $3500.00 at B&H ASKING $4499.00 EMAIL ONLY : jeromefauci@me.comAll of these Lens have been maintained and bench tested - Why spend over 4000.00 EACH on some Compact PL Prime Lens that are inferior to these Lens -When you can have some great Glass that works on both 2/3 chip and full sensor cameras .
  7. I used this Decimator when I needed to convert my Cinematronics Monitor to be used with a Sony F-55 or other Cameras with funky SDI video outs to get a clear signal to my steadicam. Or to Flip the Image of the camera for quick Low Mode or to change right to left images for shooting back and running forwards. Comes with a 5' custom Cable that powers from a three pin Fisher 12volt connector that fits most Arri , Sony and Panavision three pin accessory power ports . Asking $275.00 EMAIL Only: jeromefauci@me.com MD-HX specs: HDMI / SDI CROSS CONVERTER with Scaling and Frame Rate Conversion MSRP US$295 (Now Shipping) Supports both 3G level A and B on the input and output. Allowing conversion between A and B. Horizontal and/or Vertical image flipping via the built in scaler. Combines several converters for the price of one (e.g. SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI, Down Up Cross Converter, etc.) Robust Aluminium Case with easy to use LCD and button control system. Features the following 14 modes: SDI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT SDI IN to SDI OUT and HDMI IN to HDMI OUT SDI IN to SDI OUT and Scaled SDI IN to HDMI OUT SDI IN to SDI OUT and Scaled HDMI IN to HDMI OUT HDMI IN to SDI OUT and SDI IN to HDMI OUT HDMI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT HDMI IN to SDI OUT and Scaled SDI IN to HDMI OUT HDMI IN to SDI OUT and Scaled HDMI IN to HDMI OUT Scaled SDI IN to SDI OUT and SDI IN to HDMI OUT Scaled SDI IN to SDI OUT and HDMI IN to HDMI OUT Scaled SDI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT Scaled HDMI IN to SDI OUT and SDI IN to HDMI OUT Scaled HDMI IN to SDI OUT and HDMI IN to HDMI OUT Scaled HDMI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT 4 x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI outputs, that allow it to be used as a 1 to 4 distribution amplifier. Output pair 1 can either be a copy of the SDI input (default) or the same as pair 2. The audio pairs in the SDI and HDMI outputs can be rearranged as required. Includes the same Down Up Cross Converter from our multi-award winning MD-DUCC, allowing either the HDMI or SDI input to be scaled and/or frame rate converted to the required standard. This unit also includes: USB port for control and firmware updates New Metal Thread Locking DC Power Socket
  8. These Battery Voltage meters were original manufactured by Keslow Camera for their Digital Cameras- lightweight, built with sturdy machined aluminum and protective face plate. This Voltage meter comes with a back mounting plate that can go anywhere on your Sled or Camera- The easy to read Color meter shows live voltage from your batteries with timecode. The Limo pins can be modified to be used for your own personal system. I have a box of them. $29.00 each EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
  9. SMPTE LIGHT FIBER 15' Overview The 15' long HF-STEADICAM SMPTE Fiber Cable Jumpers are lightweight and flexible jumpers, allowing for minimal impact on camera moves. Suitable for use with Steadicam as well as jibs and other camera platforms, The cable is able to achieve this degree of flexibility by removing the steel element that is used in standard cables to lend strength at the cost of flexibility. SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Cable is designed for studio and broadcast applications. It comes with a tear-resistant polyurethane jacket that ensures superb mechanical strength. This 15' cable can transmit uncompressed HD video transmissions over long distances. It offers easy maintenance with a detachable alignment sleeve and insulator. The stainless steel tip and solder contacts is fixed in the insulation housing. The Canare HFO SMPTE connectors are LEMO compatible. Assembled with Canare LF-2SM9N 9.2mm SMPTE camera cable & Canare connectors Industry standard HFO camera cables Electrical assemblies are tested for continuity and shorts Fiber optic assemblies are tested for attenuation and back reflection Stainless steel assemblies Rubber dust caps Machine polished fiber contacts Low insertion and return loss Equivalent to all Canare FCC Series HFO cables TWO 15' Jumper cables available Asking $395.00 each Email reply only to: jeromefauci@me.com Lightweight and flexible SMPTE fiber cable Meets SMPTE standard for hybrid electrical and SMPTE fiber camera cables Rugged LEMO push-pull self-latching connectors with dust caps Low insertion and return loss Cut through resistant jacket Water-resistant polyurethane jacketed cables
  10. ARRI K2.66246.0 Overview The Sony Adapter Plate from ARRI is specifically designed to work with PMW-F5/F55 HD cameras. The bottom of the plate takes the form of a Sachtler Touch and Go plate for quick and easy mounting to a head. This plate will support a pair of lightweight 15mm rods (not included), enabling you to flesh out your camera rig with rod-mounted accessories. Rosettes on both the right and left sides of the Sony Adapter Plate provide points for attaching a handgrip or other accessory. Anti-twist pins prevent the plate from slipping askew when attached to the bottom of the camera. Features Integrated Sachtler Touch and Go plate for quick, easy mounting to a head or other support Enables the addition of 15mm rod-mounted accessories to your Sony F5/F55 rig Rosettes on both right and left sides for attaching a handgrip or other rosette-based accessory Anti-twist pins prevent the plate from skewing off center when attached to the bottom of the camera Asking : $ 239.00 EMAIL REPLIES ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com
  11. YES- Still available- please EMAIL ME: jeromefauci@me.com or text me on: 1-310-809-4345
  12. THIS kit was a "third wheel" unit aside of the TWO rental units I carry on jobs- Not many C-Camera days -so it has very low hours- its in great condition - BASIC BOXX ATOM HD TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER KIT INCLUDES: 1 x AR-01s: Atom Receiver1 x AT-01s: Atom Transmitter7 x ANT602: 5dBi 5GHz Rubber Duck Omni RP-SMA Antenna2 x CBL101: BNC to BNC cable1 x CBL103: 4pin Hirose to 2pin D-Tap power cable1 x CBL111: 4pin XLR to 4pin Hirose cable.1 x PS1205: 90-240 Vac 50/60Hz power supply Retails at Boxx.TV = $9,050.00 Bonus Items: EXTRA TRANSMITTER POWER CABLES: From Four pin 12V to Transmitter- Retails @ Boxx.TV = $220.00 From Three pin ARRI 12V to Transmitter- Retails @ Boxx.TV= $210.00 ONE ANT505: Boxx 5-way Panel Antenna --- Retails At Boxx.TV: $685.00 SPARE SET TRANSMITTER PADDLE ANTENNA (2) That brings the total number of paddle transmitter antennas to 4 5dBi 5GHz RP-SMA Antenna 14cm---- Retails At Boxx.TV : $55.00 ONE SPARE SET Of Receiver Rubber Duckie Antenna, 14cm (5) W/ 90 degree knuckle , allowing to adjust position and polarization of each antenna This brings the total number of Receiver Rubber Duckie Antenna of this kit to 10 Spare set retails at Boxx.TV : $ 135.00 Includes A ROLLING 1610 Pelican Case with custom foam and lid organizer, 2 Padded portion wraps RETAILS At Pelican Cases: $350.00 CSTAND MOUNTS FOR RECEIVER, ADJUSTABLE CAMERA MOUNT FOR ATOM TRANSMITTER, AND A SUCTION CUP WINDOW/VEHICLE TRANSMITTER/RECEIVER MOUNT RETAILS AT B&H Photo: $255.00 ALL OF THESE ITEMS Retail AT: $11,000.00 ASKING PRICE: $6795.00 EMAIL ONLY: jeromefauci@me.com or Mobile/Text : 310-809-4345 ANT601: 5dBi 5GHz RP-SMA antenna 14cm
  13. is the Hand Unit 3 still available? please email me at : jeromefauci@me.com
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