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  1. I’m finally ready to replace the master sled. I'm looking for a Pro HD or XCS HD sled, let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. I saw the eBay listing and figured the arm alone was worth more, must be a scam. I reread the listing a couple times and blew up the pictures for a closer look only to realize that It was my Steadicam. It had been listed a couple years ago and I bought it after the auction from the owner in Indianapolis. Same listing, green dots and tape on all the equipment pictured. So if there happens to be an exact clone to mine out there, someone got a great deal.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the 4 smaller wires (blue,white/red and two white/black) coming from the cells are used for? I plan on re-celling some and building an AB mount from one of them. Any advice? Thanks.
  4. Last week the Red tech plugged his AJA downconverter into my sled(got no image) only to find out later that he was sending the wrong signal from the camera. Ever since I can not get video and framelines from the monitor plug on the sled, I only get video from the video out on the front of the sled. Could the video DA be blown? I'm leaving for a 4 day shoot tomorrow and would like to solve this. Thanks Rich
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