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  1. Greg Bubb at XCS is not making a 1.75" wound carbon fiber post that is compatible with the Volt M2 gimbal. XCS makes this post with either XCS or PRO connectors. It's an elegant solution for those of us who'd like to get a Volt, but don't want to give up our super still XCS posts.
  2. Arri Part # K2.47767.0, bracket to mount EL-3 eyepiece leveler to ArriHead. This is the bracket only, EL-3 can be bought separately. This bracket is brand new, never used. It was ordered by mistake and has been sitting in my kit for a while, so too long to return. Make an offer!
  3. Great Preston starter package. Everything you need except motors and motor cables. Excellent working condition and recently checked out top to bottom. Package includes: - Preston HU2 Handset with Preston Transmitter 2 - 11 Focus marking rings - Omnishot Battery Adapter - 2, Sony 21.6wh batteries - 2, Sony 13.3wh batteries - Battery charger - MDR2 Motor Driver with G3 and G4 cards - Wired Remote Iris with 9' cable - Pelican 1600 Shipping case with custom foam - Neck strap Power Cables: - Arri 3 pin 24v to MDR2, Preston #4499 - Anton Bauer P Tap to MDR2, Preston #4473 - 4 pin XLR to MDR2, Preston #4461 - 3 pin XLR to MDR2, Preston #4462 Start / Stop Cables: - Arri 3 pin, Preston #4421 - Panavision, Preston #4422 - Panavision Genesis, Preston #4533 - RED, Preston #4439 Microforce Cables: - Microforce cable for HU2, Preston #4540 - Microforce extension cable for HU2, Preston #4540 $3500 Buyer pays shipping, located in Atlanta.
  4. Redbyte Decimator 3G/HD to NTSC/PAL Downconverter. Was spare and never used. Excellent condition. Includes AB P Tap to Decimator power cable and mounting brackets. $100 obo Buyer pays shipping
  5. The V2 MK-V/Hummingbird LCD is the brightest daylight viewable LCD – sun hood not required. This monitor was designed specifically for MK-V and ‘Steadicam™’ work. (PAL & NTSC – auto switching). This monitor does not really have a NITS rating as it is trans-reflective and the more light that hits the screen the better the picture. This new V2 monitor has a 6.4″ (4:3) diagonal screen and 4:3, 16:9, 2:1 and user aspect ratios as standard. Built in frame lines, center cross and border. Zoom in and out. Flip and reverse scan. And built in heaters for working in sub zero temperatures. Plus PRO compatible connections and built in Tally lights (for use with the V3 system). The back box also has a battery input, so you can power the monitor off the sled with your MK-V battery module. There is also Video in & out BNC connectors and a 0b 4 pin transmitter output (12v & Video) Monitor is updated with 75 ohm terminator and switch for internal LCD heater. No scratches on screen. Monitor includes: - PRO 8 Pin power / video cable. - PRO / XCS monitor bracket spud. Make an offer!
  6. Price Drop to $900 or best offer. I had initially put the asking price at 25% of new cost, but lowering for a quick sale.
  7. Luca, most Sony cameras have an adjustable voltage for the low voltage alarm. I always set it as low as it will go, usually around 11.5 volts. You may very well have had enough voltage to run the camera, but the voltage alarm might have been set high. Did someone look at that?
  8. I'm selling my trusty Dynawave (Modulus style transmitter made by David Hable at Cramped Attic) system with Transmitter, Antenna, Tuner/Receiver, Director's Monitor and all the cables needed. Everything is in perfect working order. The system includes: Dynawave UHF Transmitter Ch. 14 - 69 (made by David Hable at Cramped Attic) Straight and L Antenna for Dynawave 2 x PRO to Dynawave video/power cables 1 x 4 pin XLR to Dynawave power cable 1 x Arri 12v (11 pin) to Dynawave power cable 1 x Arri 24v (3 pin) to Dynawave power cable 1 x Anton Bauer P Tap to Dynawave power cable Sony TU-1110 UHF Tuner / Receiver, Ch. 14 - 69 1 x 4 pin XLR power cable for Sony TU-1110 Wolf Seeburg Sharkfin Antenna with baby spud mount Camos TFT LCD 7" Director's Monitor Battery mount on back 2 x Sony NP-QM91D high capacity batteries 1 x Sony Battery Charger Custom handles and Hoodman $1750 or best offer. Wireless SD Video.heic Dynawave_2.heic Dynawave_3.heic Sony Tuner_1.heic Sony Tuner_2.heic Sharkfin Ant.heic Camos_1.heic Camos_2.heic Camos_3.heic
  9. Does anyone have any strong opinions about the best docking bracket for a Volt? I'm upgrading to a Volt gimbal, and Tiffen has designed the Volt padded fork to mount directly into my Hill bracket. I love the Hill bracket, so thinking of just adding the Volt padded fork to my existing bracket. Any reason the Tiffen bracket would be better? Thanks, Mark
  10. Hello, Anyone know who is servicing Preston HU2 / Transmitter 2? I have an older system I want to sell, but want to get it fully checked out first. Preston no longer services these units. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hey Matteo, You certainly have found a unique setup. If it works for you, all the more power to you. I fly the Klassen back mount with a PRO Titan arm. According to PRO, the arm is designed to work with a front mount vest. Using the PRO arm with a back mount creates a straight connection between the socket block and the arm, instead of the arm bending at the connection to the vest / socket block. Having the arm come straight out of the socket block creates more stress than the springs in the PRO arm are designed to handle. According to Jack at GPI, its only a matter of time until that spring fails. He sees this the most when using vehicle mounts. Klassen makes the PRO Rigid Socket adapter to fix this issue with back mounted setups. I'm not familiar with the X Arm, but wondering if the X Arm has the same issues as the PRO arm in combination with back mounted setups? I'd hate to see your X Arm fail because of the mounting angle.
  12. Hey Dana, do you still have the PRO - Preston - Volt (PPV) brackets available?

  13. Hey Ron, Great post, thanks for taking the time to play with this. In your opinion, what is better viewing for reflections and bright sky, 703 with MXT, or the Boland? I currently have the older Boland (with no image invert of LUTS). I'm either going to buy the new Boland with those missing features, or a smallHD 703. Looking at your video comparisons, the Boland seems to have less distracting reflections, but with the AR coating and the brighter 703, is that a a better option in your opinion? Thanks & stay safe, Mark
  14. Near the end of 2019, MK-V said they were heavy into R&D, but then crickets. I'd love for Greg Bubb to make one. It's be rock solid, and we wouldn't have to buy a new gimbal. We can only keep our fingers crossed. I hope you guys are doing well in NYC.
  15. Hello all, Does anyone have any news on whether a 2" post compatible Volt is anywhere in our future. The last time I spoke with MK-V, they were working on it, but that was late 2019. I'm not crazy about giving up my 2" XCS post to gain a Volt, but not crazy about the height of the Wave either. Thanks, Mark
  16. Hey Everyone, I'm doing a live event and considering playing with pulling my own focus. Does anyone have a gimbal mounted unit I could rent for next week to try out? It's a broadcast camera with a Fuji lens. Thanks, Mark
  17. Hey Everyone, I'm doing a live event and considering playing with pulling my own focus. Does anyone have a gimbal mounted unit I could rent for next week to try out? It's a broadcast camera with a Fuji lens. Thanks, Mark
  18. Hey Kyle, One thing to consider when discussing digital levels, is that the sensor for the level needs to be as close to the post as possible. Any level built into a monitor will not be as accurate as, for example, the XCS HD PDL. I currently run a Boland BVB07 in combination with the XCS HD PDL. I grew up using the standard def PDL, so always was used to having a digital level, and if I'm going to bank my horizons on a digital level, it's going to be a great one. XCS makes the best digital level on the market, but you'll pay for it. The Boland is a great viewing monitor, especially for the price. I have spoken with Boland about building a Steadicam version of the BVB07, with a robust waterproof housing, frame lines, anamorphic desqueeze, image flip, etc... The salesperson I spoke with was very receptive to the idea, and is trying to get it into their pipeline. Personally, I have never owned a Transvideo. Friends of mine have complained about the reflective panel being hard to see in exteriors. I believe it's not only the NITs that help you see outside, but the reflectivity of the LCD panel. This issue combined, price and not liking in monitor digital levels has kept me away from Transvideo. Hope that helps!
  19. Hey all, 2 Volt questions: 1. Any news if a 2" XCS post compatible Volt is in the works from Tiffen? 2. What is the price of the Volt gimbal?
  20. I have too many handheld pads. Holzer Pad is a hand crafted leather top, aluminum mid & dense foam bottom constructed pad. The aluminum molds to your shoulder and disperses the weight across the entire pad. New Pad is $250, selling for $175. HolzerPad only used a couple times.
  21. Chris McQuire was the main operator on the show. Due to the length of the shot, I believe they brought Ramon Engle in with the idea that they could alternate between operators if it was physically too demanding to go back to back takes. I've had producers suggest the same thing on big oners, but they've never pulled the trigger on a backup. If you've ever met either Chris or Ramon, you wouldn't have any question that either guy could handle the task.
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