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  1. Just replied to everyone's messages, sorry haven't checked this in a few days!
  2. Add my name to the interest list for a smaller, less expensive, yet still easily paired receiver like this to add to my 2nd gen 2000 system!
  3. Just picked up a few more monitors so this one has to go! $3,300 OBO
  4. In no particular order: Gimbal Mounted Zoom/Focus Device - My preference is a Stanton Fiber Jumper - 6' works great for me, ordered mine through Phoenix Triax Adapter (less common and usually the show will have one for their Steadi) Teleprompter and Mount Broadcast Camera Plate - I like the Cam-Jam plate, it's super lightweight, drops the CG, and gets rid of all vibrations. Return Monitor and mount Lots of various tools for whatever chaos arrises BACKUPS OF EVERYTHING - if it goes down and you're live, you have to get back up immediately. A partial list, but should get you started. The more you operate the more you will learn what you need and what you can live without.
  5. Personally I rate them based on their cable art.... A lot of what Robert and Nathan already relayed is great advice. Like them, I always try to hire my own utility unless I'm covering another operator on their show, in which case I will lean heavily on the regular Steadicam utility there to watch out for me. There's a lot they can teach you about the show and no one should loose out on work just because I'm covering for a day. A good utility is worth their weight in gold and always gets a Christmas gift! Some basic things to remember when dealing with a new utility is PATIENCE AND COMMUNICATION. They are learning and try to keep that in mind, you may have to coach them along and even show them a few tricks. This is a great teaching opportunity! Always look out for the safety of you both, they will probably be fully occupied with their over-undering and focused on not getting tripped up in their loops. I always insist that they be on headset so they can hear what the Director and cameras are saying. This helps them anticipate my movements before we get a tally. I am also careful to explain the shots we have planned and some that might come up without notice. I remind them of the shots as well while we are on air, i.e. what's coming up next. Hand signals are a huge help when navigating the set or crossing cameras as is a look back to let them know we are about to go. There's probably a whole lot more that I could say on the subject but we are about to start rehearsing here so I'll check back in later. Hope this helps!
  6. Decided to finally sell my Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor. Included is: -Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor w/Anton Bauer Battery Plate (REAL AB Plate, swapped out the knock-off plate that ships with the monitor) -Gen 2 Monitor Yoke -Gen 2 Clamp Block for Monitor Yoke -Cinetronic Digital Level -Level Cable -PRO Level Mount Selling as a package for $3,600. Located in Los Angeles. Payment can be made via Check, Cash, Cashier's Check, Wire, PayPal, Square Cash, or Credit Card. Will ship w/ insurance anywhere at buyer's expense.
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