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  1. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    Still have a box of this stuff to sell.
  2. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    Just replied to everyone's messages, sorry haven't checked this in a few days!
  3. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    End of March, come spend your tax refunds here :)
  4. Andrew Ansnick

    Lightweight receiver for Bolt PRO 2000

    Add my name to the interest list for a smaller, less expensive, yet still easily paired receiver like this to add to my 2nd gen 2000 system!
  5. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    A lot of this stuff is still available.
  6. Andrew Ansnick

    Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor For Sale

    Pending sale.
  7. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    PRO to Alexa 24V Right Angle Cable - SOLD
  8. Andrew Ansnick

    Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor For Sale

    Just picked up a few more monitors so this one has to go! $3,300 OBO
  9. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    Alexa to PRO Right Angle Cable is available still.
  10. Andrew Ansnick

    Live TV Accs.

    In no particular order: Gimbal Mounted Zoom/Focus Device - My preference is a Stanton Fiber Jumper - 6' works great for me, ordered mine through Phoenix Triax Adapter (less common and usually the show will have one for their Steadi) Teleprompter and Mount Broadcast Camera Plate - I like the Cam-Jam plate, it's super lightweight, drops the CG, and gets rid of all vibrations. Return Monitor and mount Lots of various tools for whatever chaos arrises BACKUPS OF EVERYTHING - if it goes down and you're live, you have to get back up immediately. A partial list, but should get you started. The more you operate the more you will learn what you need and what you can live without.
  11. Andrew Ansnick

    Skills for Steadicam utilities

    Personally I rate them based on their cable art.... A lot of what Robert and Nathan already relayed is great advice. Like them, I always try to hire my own utility unless I'm covering another operator on their show, in which case I will lean heavily on the regular Steadicam utility there to watch out for me. There's a lot they can teach you about the show and no one should loose out on work just because I'm covering for a day. A good utility is worth their weight in gold and always gets a Christmas gift! Some basic things to remember when dealing with a new utility is PATIENCE AND COMMUNICATION. They are learning and try to keep that in mind, you may have to coach them along and even show them a few tricks. This is a great teaching opportunity! Always look out for the safety of you both, they will probably be fully occupied with their over-undering and focused on not getting tripped up in their loops. I always insist that they be on headset so they can hear what the Director and cameras are saying. This helps them anticipate my movements before we get a tally. I am also careful to explain the shots we have planned and some that might come up without notice. I remind them of the shots as well while we are on air, i.e. what's coming up next. Hand signals are a huge help when navigating the set or crossing cameras as is a look back to let them know we are about to go. There's probably a whole lot more that I could say on the subject but we are about to start rehearsing here so I'll check back in later. Hope this helps!
  12. Decided to finally sell my Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor. Included is: -Cinetronic Gen 2 Monitor w/Anton Bauer Battery Plate (REAL AB Plate, swapped out the knock-off plate that ships with the monitor) -Gen 2 Monitor Yoke -Gen 2 Clamp Block for Monitor Yoke -Cinetronic Digital Level -Level Cable -PRO Level Mount Selling as a package for $3,600. Located in Los Angeles. Payment can be made via Check, Cash, Cashier's Check, Wire, PayPal, Square Cash, or Credit Card. Will ship w/ insurance anywhere at buyer's expense.
  13. Andrew Ansnick

    Garage Sale Preston, PRO, Cables, Etc.

    One PRO to Preston MDR-1/2 Power Cable sold, one remains.