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  1. Hoping someone has a Pro Kenyon mount before I order a custom one from Kenyon tia Rory
  2. If you are handy try www.kinowheels.com Self build simulator Rory
  3. Hi does anyone have a used Pro Post for sale ? The later version with a solid lower section. Rory London
  4. Hi I need a Pro pan bearing as a stop gap before I buy a VOLT, has anyone got a Pro pan bearing lying around that they no longer need, or a cheap and working Non VZ Gimbal ? Yes I know I can buy one from Optical Support ! thanks Rory Moles London
  5. See Jason Ewarts below, he says that's had the bearing upgrade ? Rory
  6. I'm selling my trusty and bulletproof Preston kit which I have owned from new. Never dry hired. HU3 plus 5 Premarked Rings and Shoulder Strap 6 x NP-FM Sony Batteries and Sony Charger MDR2 with MCS Mounting Plate & Spare Antennas 1 x DM1 Motor with 19mm Hill Bracket 1 x DM2 Motor with 19mm Hill Bracket 4 Spare Gears (PV Iris, Canon Iris, Fuji Iris & Fuji Focus) 1 x Handset Rain Cover (Jerry Hill) 4 x 19mm -> 15mm Adapter Bushings 2 x 19mm -> Panavision Adapter Bushings Cables Motor: 3 x Right Angle to Right Angle Motor Cables Zoom: 1 x 12" HU3-DMF 1 x 9' HU3-DMF Run: 1 x Hirose Run (Sony etc) 1 x Red Epic BNC Run 1 x Red One, Helium, Scarlet 4 Pin LEMO (For Arri RS style, see Y cables) Power: 2 x 17" Anton Bauer P-Tap to Right Angle Power Cable 1 x 18" Anton Bauer P-Tap to Straight Power Cable 2 x 2'3" Combo Power/Run Right Angle Power & Command Y Cables to 3 Pin RS (Made for me by Arri) 1 x 3 Pin XLR to Straight Power Cable 1 x 14' Command Cable 1 x 55' Command Cable 1 x Cinetape Interface Cable Lemsford Custom case Price Is £8000 or $9600 Will not split Based in London, will ship Fedex worldwide, message for a quote. Can be examined by your favourite London rental house technician Hi Res pictures available of individual items.
  7. Price dropped to £2500 I also have HU3/MDR2/DM1/DM2 for sale for £8750 or £10750 including this F/I
  8. TTT (\____/) ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) \╭☞ \╭☞
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