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  1. Full kit. Main components are: MDR3, HU3, F/I, Radio MF, DMF2, DMX1, DM2, DM2, Heden motors, all Light Ranger 2 ready, cases, cables and accessories. Direct message for photos and further details, serious interest only please. Ben Rowsell nzben@yahoo.com List and photos uploaded below. Note not all items on the list are shown in the photos Preston list.pdf
  2. Doing photos and working out pricing today. give me your email address and I can send through to you
  3. Considering disposing of a comprehensive kit, please PM / email for further details if you are seriously interested, no low ball offers. Kit includes: HU3 Handset MDR4 4 Channel MDR MDR2 2 Channel MDR VLC 1 Channel MDR DMF2 Microforce Radio MF F/I Handset DMX1 Motor DM2 Motor DM2 Motor DM5 Motor Heden M26VE Motor Light Ranger 2 Thanks Ben R, 1AC nzben (at) yahoo (dot) com
  4. I didn't want to presume that it was the same, I was hoping that someone would provide the pinouts before trying. Anyone running non-arri motors direct on an Alexa Plus using the CML3 cable (Fisher to 7 Pin Lemo) - The motor end is the same as Preston, etc. I suspect that it may not work if the camera ID's the motor as a non-arri product.
  5. Looking for the pinouts for a CML-3 motor if anyone has them. Regards, Ben R NZ
  6. Sounds like something is wrong with yours. I got one early on (pre the Arri kind), and it didn't have any picture adjust. I talked to Transvideo in France and they released a firmware update that added Colour/Contrast/Chroma adjust. I thought that the picture still had a tint bias (from memory slightly green, it was very minor). Mentioned this and I was sent a one-off firmware that corrected this, which was then added to the next official firmware release. I also talked to them about the lack of peaking, again, they added this to the next firmware update. Granted its not that great, but given that it was never an intended feature for the monitor I thought that the fact they tried and came up with something was great. I have managed to match the monitor using the included controls very closely to the Alexa EVF, and had it onboard as a reference for the DOP on a 2 month feature, he thought it was the best representation of the camera he had seen with an onboard monitor. On another note, I was on a job today where we had a new (insert widely used brand name here) onboard monitor, that was specced as full HD, 7". It was up alongside another (won't mention the brand name) monitor that was specced at quarter HD resolution (around 450 lines). I couldn't believe how average, well.... everything about the picture looked on the new full HD monitor - this is comparing it to a monitor of the same size that is quarter the resolution. Especially how soft the full HD image was. And don't get me started on the user interface.... Just goes to show that image processing and software is just as important as the number of pixels.
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