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  1. I miss that rig. Made me plenty of money, and paid for itself numerous times over. Glad to see your doing the same. Michael Sutton twitter @MNS1974
  2. Hi Tim, the Phantom and Zephyr PDFs are littered with errors. Someone needs to look them over and correct them as they looked rushed (example new frictionless gimbal is mentioned more than once in the bullet points), The Zephyr PDF says "or optional 7” HD/ Composite LCD available" etc, etc, etc. Not trying to bust balls, but the errors really stand out. Thanks,
  3. My FMG motor has been rock solid in reliability and completely silent in operation. The M-One is way to noisy in my opinion.
  4. I'm only 5'8" and currently own a Flyer (owned a Master Series Elite, a 3A etc) I think the standard vest is much more comfortable. Unless you are a smaller person I think you will disappointed with the compact vest my 2cents
  5. Jake like Eric said you should look in the used market or look at the new Zephyr. You will probably need more than the 10K assuming you do not already have all the other toys that make operating happen (Wireless FF and Video, accessories, plates, brackets, etc) Either take out a loan and get everything you need to be successful (including workshops if you need them) or hunt for a used, quality system that will have most or all of what you really need. If this is indeed what you want to do for a profession it might make more sense to look at Steadicam, GPI or MK-V rather than a glidecam rig that you will most likely end up regretting owning or selling at a loss down the line. Mike
  6. As an operator having owned a Master Series, an EFP, a 3A, a Pilot, and a Flyer LE if I was to make a choice today (with budgetary concerns and the current crop of cameras used in production) I would look seriously look at the new Zephyr and the Archer2 if thinking of becoming a professional. Keep in mind you will need to keep some money set aside for a Wireless Follow focus system, Rods, bracketry, cables, a wireless video transmitter, plates, Velcro, down time between gigs (if necessary to pay the rent, lease, etc) a gym membership and your Chiropractors bills. Mike
  7. Hi JP as mentioned you will want to fly an SR3 without the on-board battery. Preferably with a light weight prime, and most importantly if you can skip the Arri base plate system and find a lighter weight one like a Zacuto or equivalent that will cut down on the weight. Use a clip on sunshade if your outdoors to avoid using a heavy matte-box if you can. I have flown an SR3 several times on my Flyer LE with a Chrosziel Fox wireless FF, clip on sunshade, camera body, Video tap (jurgens top handle, AZ-Spectrum, CEI, etc) 400 mag, Zacuto baseplate (wasn't needed when using the Arri light weight rods that clip on the camera) and running 2x dionic 90s without any issues. Might want to cut some bicycle tire tubes to make reinforcement bands if your planning on anything heavier or look into the new Zephyr (sell and trade up) rig if you are planning to fly SR3's more often than not. Mike
  8. To Frank and the rest of the Tiffen / Steadicam crew. You really need to get the Phantom on the tiffen site. You also need to get pricing and more info on each product to the dealers. I would love to sell Zephyr rigs (Steadicam Dealer) as well as buy one for myself to replace my Flyer LE but no information is available. Help us make these new products successful so dealers and users can talk about them from an informed pov. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  9. you're a month and 2 days older than me LOL. Classic. What rig do you have

  10. Erwin is right, not rain covers but actual metal arm covers
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a source for 3A arm covers and a ball park price of what these go for? . I was thinking of having some custom made but I imagine it would be easier, faster, and cheaper to find a source. . Mine have a few dents. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  12. Looking for 3A Arm Covers email: sutton@rule.com
  13. I built a tunable industrial elastic based arm back in 1994 that could hold a 28LBS camera with lift adjustment that worked very well. The problem over time was the bands would break down due to oil, etc that was needed for the other parts of the arm. I showed the arm to Brant Fagan in 1996, he said it was a nice idea. A year later I bought a Master Series Elite rig for 56k. I didn't think twice about my rubber band arm again. The long and the short of it:..Although the industrial band arm never failed, the confidence of having a brand name arm with the support of Cinema Products (this was just before Tiffen took over) and the perception of the clients overall was more important and worth the money. My rates went up, the work was plentiful. my 2cents
  14. Anyone interested in a universal III electronics unit and CP green screen monitor?
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