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  1. My beloved HandsFree Segway I purchased from Dan Kneece awhile back is ready to enhance the next operators repertoir! Watch my full walktrough video here; If your interested feel free to watch my walkthrough video of what you get in my complete segway package. If you still have any questions feel free to contact me. I'm open to offers and many forms of payment but prefer cash/wire transfer or check. Paypal & Credit cards can also be accepted. Financing is available thru paypal. Includes: -Custom InnerSpace Road case -X2 segway with "handsfree" modifications -2 "keys" -Misc. tools -3 sets of tires complete with hubs, -Off-Road tires (with hubs) -Turf tires (with hubs) -Tarmac tires (with hubs) -"Segavator" hitch carrier with built in power inverter -Spare batteries (currently not taking charge) Asking Price $8,999.99 o.b.o Local Pickup preferred (burbank,CA) but if you arrange for freight shipment it can be shipped anywhere in the world using the road case. For many detailed pictures check out the facebook ad or I can email or post anything that you want a close look at... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2823755994366068/
  2. Low mode is possible if your hard mouted......it becomes very difficult vest mounted as the rig is wide and your legs may hit the camera.....that mean you push it farther away and with that much weight.......well.....you get the picture. Also what rig do they want to use? Must be the CC3D (available at Radiant Images) as I have never heard of another rig taking the F65.
  3. Ah...wouldnt you know it I found a BTS video show Scott Hoffman dancing with the F65 beast. Scott is the man!
  4. Hi Brooks, Yes it has been done before on a IMAX 3D movie called Jerusalem 3D. Operator Scott Hoffman was the op. The same filmmaking team went right after to shoot another IMAX 3D movie called Panama 3D. Dp Reed Smoot ASC. Rig was a CC3D which they used is not the lightest either. I have a picture somewhere...I know I posted it on my twitter/instagram at some point. In any case....Yes...it was massively heavy.....not the best camera choice by any means. They were shooting for IMAX so the 65 was a must. That said, unless you have a VERY good reason to shoot on f65 obiviously push for a different camera. 3D steadicam is already so challenging and choosing the wrong camera is not only heavy on you but limiting for the filmakers. That is how I would sell it......explain to them that YES, it is possible. But just because you can do it, Doesn't mean you should. That they will get alot "less" out of you both in endurance and in shot quality if they force the f65. There are so MANY great options. For example as Brad pointed out the F55 4k recorder....lighter. Lighter yet would be the screen plane stead-flex rig with Red Dragons. In that situation with Ultra primes lenses teh whole rig is 33.5lbs ready to shoot!!! The complete weight of my sled ends up in the 53lbs range!!! that is 2 blue/2black territory. With that setup you can go up stairs, run and do many takes.
  5. I already owned a decimator....so I got the arrow....working good so far.....
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