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  1. I have no idea why the picture is upside down ...
  2. The Cam Jam Quattro arm, yoke and CoG bracket for the Boland monitor.
  3. If the Bartech is just 1000$ more, its a no-brainer. I have never owned a Bartech, but in many years of seeing them on set and judging by the experience that everyone else has, I would say definitely go for the Bartech.
  4. I spent 3 days operating barefoot in a temple that required us to be shoe-less. 12 hours a day on hard stone was not as bad as I expected. But it felt great getting my shoes on at the end of each day.
  5. Hi everyone. Thought I'd write a note on my experience with this monitor since no that much info is available out there. I was looking for a new monitor for my sled and was interested in this model, but I had some hesitation because of the lack of information from users out there, so I hope this helps. First off - It is without a doubt the brightest monitor I have ever seen. I had posted a picture on Facebook of the monitor on set with me while filming the movie "Heartbeats" and it was so easily visible while being blasted by the sun here in Bombay (pretty bright) What I didn't realise was that I was nowhere near close to getting the monitor up to its full performance. I spoke to Gary Litwin at Boland and he asked me to try out the Max Bright function - It is incredible. I will take some photos and post them here later. The second point is the off axis view ability. You can see a perfect image pretty much from any angle (unless you are behind the monitor) It is extremely relaxing to not have to crane your neck at all to see the image. It has a digital level which I dont use - after many attempts over the years I am still stuck with a spirit level. Cant seem to get out of that habit so how good the level is will have to be judged by someone else. CONS: No image flip - not a biggie for me because I turn the camera upside down and the monitor as well so it is a non issue . May come up at some time, but I plan to buy Matthias Bibers mount anyway, so I will be covered. I am not a fan of the Yoke and don't use it. I have used spacers and mount the monitor with the stock Ultra2 yoke. Btw- the customer service and response time from Boland ( and Gary in particular) is spectacular, even when you are exactly halfway across the world. On par with Chapman/ Leonard - which to me is the Gold standard in customer support. Highly recommended !
  6. http://www.channel24.co.za/Movies/News/death-on-sa-set-of-resident-evil-kept-under-wraps-20151222
  7. Jim Bartell hit the nail on the head ! But in all seriousness, given the hair trigger response of the Police in the US, you may not have good outcome wandering the streets in an oversize coat that obviously (and very badly) conceals something. I'd avoid it for sure. What you haven't explained is what you hope to achieve by doing this ? There maybe better solutions that do not involve steadicam.
  8. Will do. That maybe the issue, because there is no signal loss, yet I lose image sometimes.
  9. Very straight forward. Not sure about the shrink tubing. None that I found that needed cutting and hence none that needed replacing. All in all, not too complex .
  10. Terry is absolutely fantastic. I have had nothing but good experiences with him, and have never had an issue with the 30 odd cables (maybe more) he has built me. A gyro battery hot swap box he made me fell off a quad some years ago and was bent out of shape, but still works fine.
  11. Just used the Mini for a fairly long one shot scene in a movie I am on right now. Ive had the Alexa XT on the movie until now and the DP - Marc Koninckx - an ex steadicam operator himself, insisted I get the Mini for the shot. What a pleasure. I love this camera.
  12. Has anyone successfully disassembled their U2 ? I need to check the video lines and am trying to avoid an expensive back and forth shipping from India to the US. Any advice appreciated. Regards Sanjay
  13. I have a shoot coming up in a few days with the Mini. In the video the battery plate that they add onto the camera does not seem to have any cable that supplies the camera. I am guessing it doesnt use a standard ARRI power cable ?
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