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  1. Sorry if this is an absurd question but I couldn't find any info on it anywhere. I currently have the AA mount on my Pilot but plan on flying the Blackmagic in projects in the near future. Right now, the company I'm working for has Anton Bauer Gold batteries which are very heavy. Would the Pilot be able to use those? If not, what model of Anton Bauer battery does it use?
  2. I think your cast/crew did splendid! If I drew musical I'd go into a coma! But you managed to pull it off extremely well. Denying your entry an opportunity to be televised was a *expletive deleted* move on the people in charge's part, they should be ashamed.
  3. A pilot vest with buckles? You sir have been reading my diary! How did you go about getting that done?
  4. I see... Well, I'm going to take you're advice to try out the PVC pipe and see how that feels. If it turns out to have adverse effects on my handling then I'll be content with the stock post diameter. To be honest, the priority was the really thin gimbal handle. I gotta make that thing thicker!
  5. Sorry Rob I suppose the thread title was a bit misleading; when I said I wanted to "beef up" the Pilot I was referring to making the gimbal handle thicker and placing a wrapgrip under the gimbal. I'm happy to hear a pro speaking highly of the Pilot. In a sea of super rigs I was starting to feel... inadequate. :) I'm still a greenhorn so I guess I should continue to train and become more accustom to my rig before I decide to make any modifications.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone, I really appreciate it. I guess my logic was backwards when it came to adding a wrapgrip. I figured a thicker grip would improve the stability of the rig by dampening my influence on the post... it seems my hypothesis was wrong. But what about increasing the the thickness of the gimbal handle?
  7. Excellent! I'd want something exactly like what you have on your gimbal handle; I'd need it to be much thicker though, about three times as thick. What company was it? I think I could use a "sample" of their work as well. :lol: As for the wrapgrip... Yes it seems like there is no quick way out of it, I am definitely going to have to consult a engineer. That one's going to be the headache I carry over to 2010.
  8. I recently attended a Steadicam workshop with Charles Papert and we got to talking about how to improve the Pilot's stability to better emulate the feel of a bigger rig in terms of handling. We came to the conclusion that adding a foam grip over the extremely thin gimbal handle and a thinker wrapgrip under the gimbal (much like the Flyer) would improve the overall feel. I was wondering if anyone with more experience with modifying rigs could help me find the materials necessary to achieve this and offer advice in properly going about making this a reality.
  9. Agreed, I ran searches for silicon oil and get a variety of options; I don't know which one will be safe for the Steadicam.
  10. Sorry, I wasn't quite sure which forum to put my question in. Thanks for the lead though.
  11. I've been so caught up with learning how to use my Pilot that I've completely overlooked how I'll be capturing usable audio. I've done light research on wireless transmitters but I admittingly have zero idea in what to look for. So does anyone have any suggestions and tips?
  12. Alright I'll get my hands on some silicon oil. Any suggestions on brands or where to get it?
  13. So he didn't even bother to see what you're capable of? You'd think a professor would be the first to realize that age is an antiquated way of judging ones wisdom, intelligence, skill...anything! Don't take it too hard, the important thing is that you've become confident enough to take you're training to the next level. Working with other people will undoubtedly jettison the rate in which you improve. I envy your enthusiasm. Purchasing your own rig would benefit you; Clippers and Archers go from $24,000 to $35,000. If you could afford that then... whoa. On the other hand a Pilot is a great rig that can produce shots on par with bigger rigs and goes for only about $4,000; the weight limit on it is 10 lbs though which would alienate film cameras like the CP16, but I suppose you could always rent a bigger rig in that case.
  14. After additional testing I've narrowed down the problem area to the double action hinge. It creaks when it moves during horizontal movement.
  15. I've had the Pilot for a few months now but have only gotten around to flying it three times at the most; Usually outside with a lot of noise. It wasn't until today during the exercise on page 54 of the Operator's Handbook that I notice that the arms are creaking rather loudly when I am booming up and down. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and what steps have they taken to remedy it. I'm a long way from using this in an actual production (Hopefully the Steadicam Workshop I'll be attending this December 11th-12th will kick my enthusiasm and proficiency into high gear compliments of Mr. Papert's tutelage.) but I would like to resolve this pesky issue preferably before the workshop so I could continue my training without delay. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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