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  1. Aaron, Thanks for contacting our service department. You are in good hands. Once we have an update on your batteries, we will be back in touch. Thank you,
  2. Hi Jonny, This is still in development. i hope to have an update for everyone soon. We'll keep you posted. Thanks! Zack
  3. Hi James, All IDX batteries have passed the “UN Manual of Test and Criteria” and are flight safe; however, li-ion batteries over 100Wh (CUE-D150 & DUO-150) are limited to 3 per person (one on the camera/device and two spares). An unlimited number of batteries can be carried on if they are under 100Wh (E-HL9, E-HL9S, E-HL10DS, ELITE (with cartridges removed), DUO-95, CUE-D95, CUE-D75). If you are ok with the quantity limitations on the +100Wh batteries, I recommend the CUE-D150 or DUO-150. If quantity limitations are an issue, I recommend the E-HL9 or E-HL10DS. All the above recommended batteries are high-draw capable (10A/120W constant) and are powerful enough to power your sled and virtually all 12V cameras. Here is a link to an illustration that explains the limitations of air travel with li-ion batteries. http://idxtek.com/passenger-aircraft-check-in-carry-on-baggage/ Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Thanks! Zack Shannon 310-328-2850 Zachary@idx.tv
  4. Hi Jens, Yes! However, the CW-7 will need to be sent in. If you'd like to send it in, please email me. thanks! Zack
  5. Hi William, We have a new firmware that reduces the link time. Please send me an email at zachary@idx.tv and i'll send you the instructions. thanks! Zack
  6. The cells inside the E-HL10DS are designed for high loads(10A/120W loads). As Tom Willis mentioned some batteries can and cannot handle high loads because of the battery cell chemistry ratios. For example, the IDX CUE-D95(www.idxtek.com/products/cue-d95) has a 91Wh capacity, but can only handle up to a 6.3A/76W load. This is because the cells used in this battery are not designed for high loads.
  7. Hi Sanjay, Please see contact info. below: Visual Technologies India PVT Ltd 370 371/2 Hospital Road, Jangpura New Delhi, 110014 India Tel: +91 11 2431 9961 Fax: +91 11 2432 9961 Email: nidhi@vtipl.com Website: www.vtipl.com
  8. Hi Christopher, For high load camera setups in which weight will be a priority, we would recommend using either the E-HL9 (www.idxtek.com/products/E-HL9) or E-HL9S (www.idxtek.com/products/E-HL9S) batteries. The E-HL9 & E-HL9S batteries are both 87wh batteries which will be able to handle 10A/120W loads while weighing in at only ~1.6lbs(each). These models are available and shipping now. Another option we would recommend is using our upcoming E-HL10DS(www.idxtek.com/products/e-hl10ds) battery. The E-HL10DS will be an economical 95Wh high load battery with an onboard 50W D-tap(to power accessories) & will weigh approx. 1.76lbs(a little larger than the E-HL9/E-HL9S). The E-HL10DS will be available/ready for shipping by next month. Please also note that the E-7S battery can only handle up to a 4.6A/50W without experiencing cell damage. Therefore, to prolong the life of the E-7S battery, we would not recommend using it battery to power high load cameras like the Alexa if possible. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. - George
  9. Hey Dan, here is IDX's dealer locator: http://idxtek.com/dealer-locator type in your zip code and a list of dealers will populate. Not all dealers stock but it's worth giving them a call and finding out. What battery are you looking for? -Zack
  10. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I'll keep you posted on updates. Thanks, Zack
  11. Hi Thomas, no multi-cast at the moment. our CW-7 system does multi-cast and supports PsF. Would you like to see these features on CW-3? We are using Amimon chipsets but I cant expose the exact models ;). Thanks, Zack
  12. Hi Afton, The signal is uncompressed; this gives us a zero frame delay (less than 1ms). -Zack
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