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  1. In my experience the rest periods in Germany are usually as defined by law at around 11-12 hours in between work times. The length of the day varies a lot though. Usually for me it's at least 12 hours on set and 15-16 at the most. But I also had a music video shoot as a day player where we worked 23 hours with almost no break of wich 20 hours were only Steadicam. Needless to say at the end of the day my fatigue showed in the footage but the director didn't really mind.
  2. I'm selling my Ultra 2 Vest. I had it for three years and its in great condition. Only minor scratches around the shoulder buckles from opening and closing the vest. The reason for the sale is simply that I never could get used to the thick padding of the vest and therefore switched to a Pro vest recently. Asking price is 2.200 €. Vest is located in Berlin, Germany. ​For pictures please PM. Best Markus
  3. I just want to say thank you to the guys and gals at Pro for the outstanding service I received when I ordered my vest. Not only did Michelle respond to my order almost within the hour but they also managed to get my vest ready and shipped to Germany within 5 days even though I was told it would take about threes weeks and they were ready to close shop for Christmas. As a first time costumer I am stunned by that kind of commitment even though lots of you guys on the forum already made many comments on how good service was at Pro. So again: Thank you very much especially Michelle and Chris I surely will come back for more in the future!
  4. Thanks Ed. I came across it about two weeks ago and I enjoy it very much.
  5. Hi Tilman. Curt Schaller is the man to talk to for workshops in Germany. Betz Tools also offer workshops but I don't know if it's more than once a year. Their workshop could maybe provide you with more than one system since they sell and service Tiffen, ProGpi and their own sled the Rig. You are saying that you study cinematography in film school? A thing you should not leave out in thinking about starting a career in Steadicam is that it will take quite a lot of time to get to a point where you can operate properly and it might interfere with your future work as a DP. I know there are some people who are DP's as well as Steadicam operators such as Charles Papert or Ruben Sluijter but as I understand it they started as operators and moved on to DP later on. I'm not sure if you can become a good operator as a side project to being a DP as main job in the future.
  6. A friend of mine is involved in the production of the hurricane wheels. I already signed up for a pair and knowing him I'm pretty sure they are great.
  7. I used it before and it's a nice addition especially in staircases with actors running around. As far as I know it's build by a guy called Braun ( no relation I think :)) here in Germany and you can rent it at his company M.A.T.
  8. Mounting the gopro on a Vibration plate and shooting at a higher frame rate (60fps) should eliminate most problems you get with the rolling shutter. If course there are limits to that solution.
  9. I just saw a presentation of this on the news and the first thing I thought was: They should make a handsfree version of that just like the segway with a hardmount for steadicam. Maybe Chris Fawcett should have a look at that. ;) http://martinjetpack.com
  10. Movietech markets the dolly as the ARCO. It is made by Cinetech Italiana as the Falcon and re badged by Movietech. It looks like the PeeWee in the same way that a Basson or Chinese equivalent looks like a Steadicam Ultra 2 or PRO rig. 😄True.
  11. Thanks Janice. Steadishot.org was of course the first site I looked into but for some reason all I get when trying to open a video is a message that the video isn't available anymore. Also it's not the site to get nice pictures of operators in uniform from ;)
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