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  1. Unit includes: .Bartech analog Transmitter x 1, .Receivers x 2 ( you have the option to power them both, and control 2 motors by switching channels! ) There is a D-tap - main receiver power cable , and another one, lemo - lemo, which connects power to both. This is suitable for distant f control, which works separately with focus control! .M1 motor with gears like new, .Heden M28VP motor with gears, .Motor cables X 2 .D-tap to lemo power cable X1, .lemo 2pin to lemo 2pin power cable X 1, .on-of ARRI lemo cable X1, .Brackets X 3 .Rods, rods adapters, .Kata strap (new) .Case They are all in perfect working condition, What is missing, is the one of the two original receiver antennas, replaced with an other after market one. I sell this unit, because I own 2 of them, and I haven't used it for too long. Unit price 1200 $ I am Based in Athens, Greece. For any kind of information please, mail me to......... kalothetos@me.com Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and busy! I own an ultra rig. I just replaced my gimbal pan bearing with a new one. My rig spins fine when its vertical, but when it goes horizontal,( tilt the lens up)...........gimbal locks itself. I know, gimbal centring is needed, adjusting the the two side screws, turning them both on each side, 1/4 of a turn each time, etc. BUT WHAT IF both screws ar totally unbalanced by a reason???? What if the one is totally unscrew and the other to an ''X'' (whatever) position????? I am afraid, if I will not be able to start from a "default'' screw position, centric gimbal is only a mater of luck.... Thanks Stefanos.
  3. 2 Pro Black Canisters available for USD 2,000 both. Excellent condition, Only used for backup! for any details, please email me………... kalothetos@me.com Thank you, Stefan.
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