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  1. Can anyone share any info, details pictures of the M2? Asking for a friend.
  2. Thanks Lawrence, the hole is not only at right angles, it’s closer to the end of the post. It was an easy fix, I took it to my regular Grip/Machinist and he drilled new holes for me. I’ve kept all of my Pro arm post and Low Mode Brackets. Because the holes are offset 90 degrees and 5/10 mm apart there is no problem with the strength of the post.
  3. I’ve just put one on my GPI PRO. I had two choices, I could’ve added the volt to my pro Gimbal, or the way I decided to go, I bought the M1 Gimbal for Pro. The M1 Gimbal has a sleeve or insert to make it fit the 1.5 centre post, and the Gimbal handle fits the pro arm posts. I can change the inserts at a later date if I want to go to an M1 sled. I think the only non tiffen Gimbal that can be adapted to the volt is the GPI PRO but you should confirm that with Tiffen.
  4. Jerry, what’s the chance that Tiffen will make the soft plastic part of the docking bracket available so we can adapt our Moses poles?
  5. Can anyone confirm for me if the M1 stage will accept Pro standard dovetail plates? Im wondering if I can keep my XCS and Alexa plates if I switch to an M1 Thanks in advance! Brad.
  6. Listening, watching...... Alec?
  7. So has anyone had an Alexa LF on their rig yet? Looking at the specs, the Pro should come close, but I'm not sure it has enough capacity once you add in wireless FF, motors, Video TX etc. Arri spec the LF at 120 watts.
  8. Hopefully for those of us who can't get there, there'll be photos videos descriptions and discussion here soon
  9. I just read on one of the facebook steadicam groups that SmallHD have a new digital level on the way for the 703, has anyone else heard anything or seen one?
  10. I'm beginning to suspect this could be because i primarily use the monitor in 25p (Australia being a PAL/50hz territory we mostly shoot in 25p). I'll have to do some tests but the delay is real for me, not sure what we're doing wrong. Interestingly it's not an issue with my 502 ? any tips?
  11. I have the 702 and t has a very noticeable delay, a few frames at least, which makes it not great for focus pullers, and not ideal to operate from. I initially bought the 702 as a backup steadicam monitor, but having seen the delay I would not use it on steadicam. Can anyone comment on the lag or delay ( or lack of) on the 703?
  12. I have the ks6. Yes they are heavyish when mounted on the bottom of the sled, but fine if you're flying an Alexa or heavier, when I use them with an F55 and zoom lens, I mount them on top of the camera. With 2 batts on the bottom of the sled the gyros on top with the f55 flies beautifully.
  13. I'm looking at buying the Cmotion Cvolution FF system, I'm wondering what are my options for mounting the Camin reciever to my sled. My sled is a PRO Cinelive, and I've currently got the usual Pro dovetail mount for Preston, BFD on my sled Any thoughts on the Cmotion system? Do your assistants like it? Cheers, Brad.
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