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  1. Thank you! So that is different than Transvideo. Hope I didn’t fry anything by putting voltage into the video pin.
  2. I picked up this monitor along with some other gear from someone who didn’t know its condition. Mostly out of curiosity I wanted to see if it would work. Could anyone let me know what the pin out of the 6-pin Hirose is and voltage range (or a manual)? I assumed it would be the same pin out as a Transvideo or Modulus. I plugged in a power-only Hirose (from a 14.8v battery) but it wouldn’t turn on. I checked the fuse and it looked okay. Should I just assume it’s shot?
  3. Hello, looking for a Transvideo RainbowII 6.5" SuperBright if anyone has one they're looking to sell. Thanks! John john @ jaquishfilm.com
  4. I'll be dealing with a similar issue soon (but unfortunately don't have the option of an SRII!). My rig has a 2-pin lemo out on the sled (for which I have a d-tap adapter, if that helps) and is powered by 14.4v Anton Bauer batteries. Also, the camera's power is a 3-pin XLR input, not 4-pin. Is there any way to 1) safely power the 12v 16BL from my 14.4v sled and 2) any way to adapt the 2-pin lemo (or d-tap) to the 3-pin XLR input?
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