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  1. I just put the volt on my MK-V Gensis 1.5" goofy foot. When I zero balance, dynamic balance and calibrate, everything is fine. When I turn on the motors the sled rolls over. I saw this posted here before but I can't recall the solution. I am calibrating with camera facing gimbal handle for Goofy. Thank you!
  2. Is the company taking the place of Ritter up and running yet? Thank you! John Atkinson
  3. Does anybody have any lower MK-V junction boxes V.2 or newer they want to sell? Johnatkinson3@mac.com Orlando, FL
  4. I know Disney Staff operator was Richie Banales. He is the only one I knew that did the early parades. JA
  5. You still selling the MK-V with Volt? THX JA
  6. Would be interested in selling the Sled, gold mount, volt and cables? No monitor, bracket or batteries required. Thank you! johnatkinson3@mac.com
  7. The service personnel told me the units are not serviceable, except under warranty. These units are no longer under warranty. It is disappointing to not be able to repair them, since everyone likes them. Two of the units don't recognize batteries or display any LED lights. Thank you just the same.
  8. Hi Paul, We have 3 TM4 chargers that one charging station each that is not functioning. Was there a QC issue? Can I get parts to repair these? JohnAtkinson3@mac.com
  9. Selling Used EFP top stage. Fits most sleds. $750US. Located in Orlando, FL Johnatkinson3@mac.com
  10. For Sale Used Lightweight EFP Vest. Everything works nicely. Reconditioned, Fit's like a glove. $1250US Located in Orlando, FL Johnatkinson3@mac.com
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