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  1. Preston HU3 MDR 3 1 DM2 Motor 1 DM1X Motor Cables Case $14,000 US Sales Only james at baldanzafilms.com
  2. Preston Digital Micro Force 2 For Sale Purchased New 04/2013 $2100 U.S. Sales Only James at baldanzafilms . Com
  3. This is great! This needs to be done to the Wave1.
  4. Preston DM2 Motor with 19mm Hill Bracket $2200 U.S. Sales Only James "at" Baldanzafilms.com
  5. Yoke: Cinetronic Gen1, XCS Monitor Bracket for 1.5 Post U.S. Sales Only $600 James at Baldanzafilms.com
  6. Used Boland BVB07 Non Image Flip No Battery Plate Fair Condition. Everything works. The housing is chipped where the bubble level came unglued. You can see this in the photos. $1300 includes fedex ground and PayPal fees. U.S. Only Lower 48 States Only James at baldanzafilms.com
  7. Backstage TR-5 Steadicam Cart modified. Contact for more info. Located in Bath, Pennsylvania. 85 miles from NYC Will Not Ship. Cash Only $1800 James at Baldanzafilms.com
  8. Used Decimator 2 The housing has some holes drilled into it, based on how I mounted it during different sled builds... See attached picture... Includes 2 homemade power cables, 4 pin hirose. $225 plus shipping. U.S. Sales Only. I ship Fed-Ex ground only. james @ baldanzafilms.com
  9. Lid organizers not included. U.S. Sales Only! $300 plus shipping. I only ship Fed-Ex ground. Only selling to upgrade to Pelican Air cases. james at BaldanzaFilms.com
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