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  1. Hi all; New foam and lots of straps replaced etc. Good starter vest. Its old but works fine and a full sized vest for those who might need one or even one for those dirty or gross locations that a new vest would be a mess?? Let me know, asking $1500.00 buyer pays shipping,
  2. Hi all; Yes I'm still making and selling Weight plates and cages and baseplate screws. Let me know if you are interested. 6.5. 11 & 15 lb plates. Posts from 5"to 9.5"
  3. Hi all; Yes, I am still making them and always have a ready supply. Here are some pictures for those who are curious. The posts are 5", 6", 7", 8.5" and 9.5". I can also make custom posts for the same prices. The 3/8" bushings to reduce a hole to 1/4-20 as well as a selection of longer 3/8 and 1/4-20 baseplate screws are available. Thanks a bunch. Janice
  4. A Baldwinism; 5153 mod Clean's Camera Support Low Mode Offset bracket flipped upside down and mounted to the Volt's Gimbal to the offset. The Volt would ride closer to level.
  5. This is a parallel post with the Facebook "The Steadicam Group" Please post your Nouns and their definitions and let's come up with a list of terms that we use regularly. Thank you. Janice
  6. Hi all; The bad guys are attacking company tax numbers and other critical identifiers just like they're looking for SS numbers. Beware, things can be bought and ordered via your company and its a horrible situation. You can lock both your company identifiers with various reporting agencies just like you can lock your SS number. (Parents can lock their kids SS numbers too and prevent identity theft from them. A big problem too.) This is a heads up on the problem and maybe we can save someone/many a huge problem. Keep an eye on all of it in this weirdest of times!! Janice
  7. Hi all; I've had some requests for different post lengths and I'm asking if anyone has a request. I'm having the machine shop make some and trying to do any quantity I can and save everyone. Right now, as normal stock, I have 7", 8.5", 9.5". I've got a request for 6". Let me know if you have any requests. Janice
  8. Hi all; I'm not sure where this post will lead but I'm trying to help those who may be young and new to the Movie business think about things they haven't before... This will and can cover a hundred different turns considering we're all in this new world of pandemic business shut down all the way to new trends in the industry. Here's my thinking that I've looked at for a long time and being older than most of you I've seen how the industry and business in every way has changed. Changes (to name a few). 1) Pandemic, who hasn't thought about money and when they'll get back to work? 2) Savings, who really has enough and wished they had more? 3) Savings, if you had it and spent it, how are you going to get it back now? 4) The time between jobs may and is longer. (about 5 more but that's a good start). So, I'm going to lob out some ideas that many will say, "I can't do that because when I'm on a show, I'm already working 80 hr weeks." So this may not work for them but for those others who are not there. Ideas; 1) part time job, way under your skill level that you can get THIS WEEK. No big training, no big pay expected. Hotel, anything, kitchen, housekeeping, whatever? Restaurant, landscaping, etc. you pick it. Why? $10-12 an hour. Hotel, (example) you do weekends? $100 a weekend. $400 a week 5k a yr. Employee discounts on travel, now you can do family vacation for half price, $400 a month you buy stocks and you have a savings account you didn't have before. Now you have an extra 5k for hours that don't really matter, you learn some new stuff I guarantee; even if its about how hard the rest of the world works that spend a lifetime at $10 an hour but I'm sure a lot more too. But now your vacations cost you half.... big savings. Other perks, I have done some and I walk out with the donate/discard stuff and drop it at the local Goodwill and get a tax deduction!!! There are some other savings too... Ideas, think about it.... Maybe this becomes a retirement fund which you never had before? Is there a down side to having an extra 5k a yr? After a few years maybe this becomes the down payment for a house? You wouldn't have had it any other way? "I can't do that job?" Why not? I personally did a landscaper cashier job last summer on the weekends. I learned a bunch, one guy 50+ worked his butt off every day, then I learned later, after work, doing intense days would go to the gym afterwards and walk on the treadmill for another hour. He was made of iron. Compartmentalize money, think about it this way if you want, 'The money I make here, pays my insurance and utilities for a year and now the pressure is off for my other income.' What I'm hoping is you all start thinking about this in ways many of us have thought beneath us and it really can work in many ways. Lastly, I read a lot of the want ads on Indeed and one came up for garbage man/person, it said things like "must be able to get in and out of truck 500-600 times a day and lift 50-80lbs etc." That's a tough life and wouldn't that get you in shape. Last thing I remember about garbage people was they got 100% insurance coverage in the last contract... Every job has some perks that we don't know about, use that money to stay humble and learn and make some money that may pave the way to a savings account you would not have had if you hadn't worked so hard for it. (We all want to make products we can sell but that takes time to get going, this is instant and you can still do those too...) Ideas, look at them. Janice
  9. Hi all; I've got some of the metal replacement parts for the older vest. The pictures are titled. Some of you have vests that need rehabbed or are building your own vests, these could shortcut some of those steps. They're courtesy of Hugo Langer. I've got them and can send them out or help you with other steps. Yes they will be anodized. PM me if you have an interest.
  10. Hi all; These are all stainless steel. 3/8" extended (01) 3/8" regular (02) 1/4"-20 extended (v1) longest (03) 1/4"-20 extended (v2) (04) 3/8" to 1/4-20 Bushing (longer) (05) 3/8" to 1/4-20 Bushing shorter (06) $15.00 each $10 shipping. (less in some situations).
  11. Hi all; I have weight plates and full cages available. PM me and I'll respond asap. 6.5, 11, 15lb plates. Thank you and stay safe. Janice
  12. Jonathan; Not my cage or plates, good luck with sale. Just clarifying. Janice
  13. Hi all; Maybe this topic is about your personal story or challenges or experiences. I'm not sure but let's see what you come up with. Janice
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