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  1. Dear all, does anyone have a slim lightweight option for mounting the Walter Klassen hard mount to an elemack male? Appreciate your input, Fabian
  2. Dear folks, does anyone know if the Kenyon KS-6 Gyro is noticeable more or less quiet than the 6x6 ones? Appreciate your input, Fabian
  3. Hi there! I'm looking to buy a WK or similar RIGID SOCKET ADAPTER including the AIRCRAFT PIN for my PRO ARM to make it work safe on my back mount. Let me know if you have one that you'd like to sell :-)
  4. Looking for Antlers to buy. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi there! As the title says I'm looking for the iBaird low bracket for regular operating. Best, Fabian
  6. Whats the panning rate on the 6x6? I couldn't find anything on this. Pretend an average Alexa build / 6x6 at the bottom of the rig. Can anyone tell? Do I remember correctly whip pans are possible but will hurt the gyros? I guess thats still true for the 6x6/8x8 versions? Appreciate any input!
  7. Hey there! I have a few questions regarding the cinematic precisions alexa plate. Does anyone use it with the Betz tools topstage? Will if fit properly? And is there any kind of safety screws so that it wont slide thru unnoticed? Also will it work with a standard broadcast camera with a v-lock tripod adapter? And one more thing can one mount 15mm rods to the plate directly? I would appreciate your help and experience! Fabian
  8. Could anyone please measure the length of the stand when its collapsed? And is there a difference in length between the 12 and 14- base version? Appreciate your help! Fabian
  9. Thank you James! Thank you John! Thank you Lawrence! Thank you Dave!! :-) What I dont like at all (and only happened in that take) is the part at the bar (0:55-) where I lost the guy and didnt really know when the girls going to walk off. (They were all extras so their moves were pretty individuall in every take....) So you can see the uncertainty in camera movement I think. We also wanted to keep the camera moving at all times - yet this wasnt possible when action was behind. (Like at 2:04) When the doorkeeper comes in and I almost had to stop. Then the transition at 2:48 did look better in other takes when the hand of the girl that pulls the guy back came in more obvious. Finally at 3:05 the space at the door was so tight that I couldnt frame the doorkeeper perfectly as my sled would have knocked the door (Also I had to keep the door open with my foot and the ac had to scurry behind me too - keeping him in focus at closest focusing distance ;-))
  10. I'd like to share a one shot music video I operated on recently. Though there are some parts in that take I'm not totally happy about I am proud about the final video :-)
  11. Yeah the betz RIG is just awesome! I couldnt be any happier with it! And the folks are great too :-)
  12. Hey Folks! I might have a 3D shoot coming up. I own two analog Chrosziel Fox Units both with HEDEN M28VP. When I set it up so that both receivers are controlled by one unit they work perfectly synced BUT when making really fast pulls, like from infinity to the closest focusing distance they are off a few milliseconds. Could it cause problems like on fast pulls? By the way, does anyone know why that is? I mean the motors are the same, the difference in serial number is 190... ;-) Best, Fabian
  13. Haha though I'd more love to see it the other way around ;-))
  14. Going to ask him next week anyway when I'll meet him :-) Just thought I could get some user information here. I'll post about it once I know what the problem is!
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