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  1. I am selling my gyros which have been used about 5 times so are in mint condition. They come with an Optical support mounting system for the GPI Pro HD sled (may be compatible with other Pro sleds but Im not sure). The kit includes: Peli case KS6x6 gyros DTap power cables Pro power cables Inverter Camera mount plate OS Pro HD sled mount (optional) Documentation Price is £3800 + VAT & shipping New price around £5000 + VAT
  2. Has anyone tried the Gravity One with an easyrig for straight forward handheld shots at an awkward height? I’m trying to smooth out handheld where the camera is down at armpit height and wondered if this will do the trick whilst keeping a handheld feel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Photos are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nhs84lqke7lsa6z/AADkzbJoD7uxsqUdD1Rxtcoya?dl=0
  4. I have an AR Omega with 4 stage carbon post and motorised monitor bracket for sale. The rig is in extremely good condition and has custom fitted ends on the post and cabling to work with a GPI Pro HD top and bottom (not provided). I had the rig designed especially by MK-V to allow me to switch between my normal Pro rig over to AR without needing a full second setup. I have the latest motorised monitor bracket where the motor is hidden inside the 15mm bar. Very discreet and only 1 cable is used. The rig comes with: • AR Omega head • 4 stage carbon post • Motorised monitor bracket • MK-V gimbal with pre-loaded bearing for upside down / horizontal use. • Omega head Peli Case • Post Pelican case • All cabling for use with a Pro HD It can be altered to work with Steadicam systems or to go back to MK-V sleds, if desired. Pictures to follow at first opportunity. £17,000 + VAT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi. Did you ever release the Alexa rain cover for Steadicam (GPI Pro)? I'm looking for one.
  6. Hi Fabian. I have the Optical support mount with the 6x6 gyros now. Haven't tested them on the rig yet but whilst hand holding them the pan rate feels slower than the standard 6's. I may be wrong but it seems that they slip sooner. Whips would be very hard to do accurately. As soon as they slip the rig jumps into a pan. I've not pulled it off successfully - maybe others have.
  7. Hi Tom. I can believe it. I wasn't referring to the mantis - there are ones that come up with a Google search. I would love one of those but can't be done, sadly.
  8. Hi Janice. Thanks for the feedback. I have a basic design which needs looking at in terms if angles and structures etc. I'm looking at different materials as options but portability is key so it must collapse well. The â¬12,000 quote is a real one, though! You'd have to be crazy! You can by a decent car for that! Louis, I agree. I have hired Optical support's Mantis many times over the years and it's great. Unfortunately they don't sell them and I often end up in a situation where a rickshaw setup presents itself at the time rather than beforehand and I don't get time to hire one in. The mantis is great, though.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good engineer near London to help design and build a good rickshaw? Either that, or has anyone seen one (which isn't €12000!) for sale in the UK or Western Europe? Needs to be step on/off and seated and must collapse to a small size for roofbox style transport... Cheers!
  10. Yeah, that's what I was looking at. I've been wanting to get one or the other for a while so now seems like the obvious time!
  11. Can anyone give me real world experience views between these two? I don't think HDMI loop through is that important to me, so apart from that, any thoughts? I believe the Paralinx is smaller, lighter and cheaper, isn't it?
  12. Hi Brad. Optical Support have found a way to do it and are manufacturing a bracket which replaces the centre battery. Try them at info@opticalsupport.co.uk. Cheers.
  13. Had Pete Rob's out for the last two days in 25 mph wind. Those and a windbreak were bang on! Nearly dolly smooth whilst actors' hats were flying. They're priceless.
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