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  1. Tilo Burmeister

    G-ZOOM needed in Germany/Hamburg

    Hi Felix! You should not work without an AC for a Broadcaststation in Hamburg. Thats unfavorible for our rates in future. Also yours! Today is it the AC and tomorrow half of your fee. If they have not enough money for an AC, they can't have a Steadicam. (for international colleagues: It's not usual to work without AC for TV-shows in germany.) Best regards, Tilo Burmeister - BVFK Steadicam-camera Hamburg/Germany
  2. Tilo Burmeister

    G50 arm

    Hallo! I'm looking for an used G50 arm. I'm based in Germany. Regards, Tilo. tiloburmeister@gmx.de 049 173 609 71 96