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  1. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have a resident battery expert for Anton/Bauer on staff now. He joined us at the end of 2020 and he has now joined the steadicamforum. Here are his contact details: Ted Doubov ted.doubov@vitecgroup.com (203)402-7995 direct number I'm not on the site as much as I'd like to be, and I am still a resource for anyone here, but you'll see Ted's name popping up more than mine. If you contact me, I will still always answer you, so please don't think that I am leaving the community. I enjoy reading all of the posts to unde
  2. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the late response (Andrew), but things have been hectic. I am sure that you have all seen the new batteries that Anton/Bauer just released last week. If not, please take a look at them along with the new Anton/Bauer website. Happy to take any feedback that you have to our Marketing Team. If you want to send that information to me direct, and not post it here, feel free to do that to paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com. We still have the 'Trade-In Program' going now. You can save up to 25% off of List Price. Please email Hannah Vollenweider at hannah.vollenweider@vitecgr
  3. Hi Yan, Anton/Bauer has a 'Trade In' program where if you send your old battery back for recycling, you can purchase a new one at up to a 25% discount. Feel free to contact me for more details at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com. In Canada, our only Trade-In Partner is HD Source in Toronto. Have you ever done business with them before? Please let me know if I can help you any further. Kind Regards, Paul Dudeck (203)402-7962
  4. Hi Kelsey, Which model number chargers and which serial numbers are you looking to get upgraded? You can contact our Service Department directly at servicesupport@vitecgroup.com and give them the information and they can ship you the chips if they are available. Please let me know if you run into any problems doing this. Kind Regards, Paul Dudeck (203)402-7962
  5. Anton/Bauer is having a 48HR Sale to celebrate St. Patricks Day!! 20% off Titon 90 and DIONIC XT90 batteries... Please contact me with any questions. Thank you. Paul AB St Paddys Day 2020.pdf
  6. Hi Brett, The DUAL 2701 and T2 chargers were the older series two position chargers. They are all EOL now and there are very limited number of firmware updates available for them. We stopped manufacturing them around 5 or more years ago. The latest DUAL chargers are the LP2 and the DUAL Performance chargers, and they should be ready to charge the Titons or XT's right out of the gate. Also, stay tuned, as NAB is right around the corner and you never know what Anton/Bauer will be showing...!! After all, 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Anton/Bauer!! And, as always, you can
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm grateful for all of you who have reached out to me and took advantage of this trade-in program. This program will end on September 30th, and soon after, we will release an 'official' trade-in program to the public. Take advantage of this pricing now, as the new pricing will be slightly different that what is being offered now. Thank you all again for the years of support. Kind Regards, Paul Dudeck paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com
  8. Hi Waldek, We did exchange emails, but I want to make sure that everyone on the forum knows the answer to this question. Yes, most TWIN chargers can be upgraded to charge the newer Titon or XT batteries. Regards, Paul
  9. Hi All, When i did the 'trade in' program in June, it was very successful. It seems that quite a few people missed out on it and have contacted me lately, so I am going to bring this back again thru the end of September. You can contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com and please include your name, company name, address and phone number. Also, please let me know which battery charger/s, and serial number/s, you have, so we can ensure they will charge. For this trade-in, you can trade in any old battery, whether it be an Anton/Bauer, recelled battery or competitors battery towards the
  10. Thanks John. Did you contact service at the email address that I supplied to you? Check the mushroom-shaped pin on the mount itself. Clean it off with a pencil eraser, as if there is dirt balled up on it, then it's not getting contact and it will show steady red.
  11. Just a reminder that this 'trade in' program will end on June 30th. After that, I'll be working on an official trade-in program, but the pricing won't be the same. Please contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com if you have any questions. Thank you. Paul
  12. Hi John, No, there was never a QC issue with the TM4 chargers. Is it the same charging position on each charger? what indications is it giving to you? Steady red LED? No LED's? Please contact our Service Department directly at servicesupport@vitecgroup.com I look forward to your response. Paul
  13. Hi Sean, Please contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com and we can work something out... Paul
  14. This temporary 'Trade In' program is only going to be valid thru June 30th. If we feel that it was successful, then might do something again after that. Thank you. Paul
  15. I probably would recommend the XT90 on those high-current draw applications. They are the preferred battery of the major Rental Houses for that reason. And, the XT's will have a longer life span. Paul
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