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  1. Just a reminder that this 'trade in' program will end on June 30th. After that, I'll be working on an official trade-in program, but the pricing won't be the same. Please contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com if you have any questions. Thank you. Paul
  2. Hi John, No, there was never a QC issue with the TM4 chargers. Is it the same charging position on each charger? what indications is it giving to you? Steady red LED? No LED's? Please contact our Service Department directly at servicesupport@vitecgroup.com I look forward to your response. Paul
  3. Hi Sean, Please contact me at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com and we can work something out... Paul
  4. This temporary 'Trade In' program is only going to be valid thru June 30th. If we feel that it was successful, then might do something again after that. Thank you. Paul
  5. I probably would recommend the XT90 on those high-current draw applications. They are the preferred battery of the major Rental Houses for that reason. And, the XT's will have a longer life span. Paul
  6. Hi Alec! Yes, of course....we can always work something out! You know how to find me!! :) Paul
  7. Hi Lawrence, The DIONIC 90 was 7amps and the DIONIC HC was 10amps. Paul
  8. Please contact me directly at paul.dudeck@vitecgroup.com Thank you
  9. Thanks Will! Actually, please contact Richard Law at Richard.law@vitecgroup.com and he'll get this done for you. He does the West Coast region for me. He'll be expecting your email! :) Paul
  10. Hi Will, The point is to get rid of these batteries that don't work and 'trade them in' to a new working battery. :) We'll take a battery back, no matter the condition. In return, you'll get a brand new shiny battery! Paul
  11. The compact size of the new Titon batteries, makes it the perfect battery to replace your old DIONIC 90 or HC batteries. With the size being slightly smaller and weight (1.76lbs), you can now run lighter than ever before. I understand that 'recelling' your old batteries was a preferred option, as is was more economical than buying a new DIONIC 90/HC or even the XT90, but I am bringing back the old 'trade in' program that Anton/Bauer used to have to save you money! For every old Gold Mount or VMount battery that you send us for 'trade in', I will sell you a brand new Titon 90 (Gold Mount or VMount) for $218.00. That's right, $218.00. To recell an old battery will cost you $190.00, so for an extra $28.00, you get a brand new battery, with a PowerTap connector, USB connector and 2yr warranty. Please contact me directly if you are interested in upgrading your batteries to the new Titon series of batteries. I can offer similar discounts on the 150wh versions or the XT90/150's if you are interested in those too. Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  12. Please take a look at the new Titon series of batteries from Anton/Bauer. You can enter to win some SWAG... https://www.antonbauer.com/en/products/titon/ Take a look at the Marketplace, as I am offering a limited time special to purchase either Titon or XT series batteries... Thank you. Paul
  13. pauldudeck

    *NEW* Anton/Bauer battery coming at CineGear Expo...

    Hi Alan, The XT90's have been shipping for one year now. They have a list price of $515.00. The biggest advantage is that they can handle a constant load of 12amps. Anton/Bauer just released a new battery, called the Titon G90 and that has a list price of $335.00. This battery is the same size and weight as the XT90, has a PowerTap connector, USB output and can handle a constant 10amp load. This battery is great for Steadicams and is perfect as it is economical. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Paul Dudeck
  14. pauldudeck

    Anton/Bauer DIONIC HC batteries

    Hi Everyone, To update you on this, we have a very small amount of DIONIC HC's remaining in our inventory and we would like to move them. If you would like to purchase any DIONIC HC's, they are now $330.00 each (40% discount). Please take advantage of this great offer while you can. Please contact Jeffrey Prushko at Jeffrey.prushko@vitecgroup.com to place your order. We also have quite a few BStock chargers available if you are looking to add another charger to your fleet. Thank you. Paul Dudeck