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    Full Kits - Pro CInema HD, Preston FIZ, Boxx Meridian. EFP Hotrod backup rig, Steadicam Flyer LE, BFD's etc!
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    Australia wide! (depends where my car is parked)

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  1. Talk to Louis Puli lpulicam@tpg.com.au Hes selling a few centre posts with or without cable looms!
  2. Hey Leroy! Where in Aust are you based and what size rig are you after? My email is jamespuli@live.com.au I mite have a rig for sale!
  3. Ive got a brand new one I can sell! PM me for info!
  4. Met them at Cinegear for the first time.... no more Magnus!
  5. Ive got the Atomos Shogun Flame! Its great! 1500 nits and doubles for a backup Steadicam monitor for studio work (its pretty reflective). Absolutely worth the extra cash over the BlackMagic!
  6. I know Greg Bubb did a bunch of Entourage... including the Playboy mansion shots from a similar season, so he would be my first guess!
  7. Get a DJI Osmo! That thing is rad!! I love mine!!! I use it on small pro jobs as well as having fun around the house!!
  8. Hey all. On the hunt for a Preston HU3. Open to the ideas of just a handset (g3 or g4) or a kit. But have motors, MDR etc already ... so not too fussed either way! email me if you've got anything like this you mite want to part with! Ready to purchase ! jamespuli@live.com.au JP
  9. That sounds like me! Email me and if I can't do it will put you in touch with the right person!! James Puli 61-413-231-337 jamespuli@live.com.au
  10. I've got a hot rod EFP sled for sale with Pro compatable wiring! Email me jamespuli@live.com.au for more info and pics!
  11. I've got a great one to sell! Sending PM shortly!
  12. Tossief - Ive got an upgraded EFP I'm looking to sell! email me jamespuli@live.com.au
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