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  1. Alan Glover

    Betz Wave 1 For Sale

    Hi Tim, Why are you selling the Wave? Best Alan
  2. Hi everyone, I have just upgraded to a Betz top stage and I am therefore selling my Cinema Products Mk3a top stage with fore/aft and side to side adjustment. It is in perfect working order with some minor cosmetic wear and tear. I am also including two original CP dovetail plates plus a motor mounting bar. Asking price £700 plus shipping. Many thanks, Alan
  3. Alan Glover

    Step On Rickshaw for hire

    Hi Guys, I have a Step On/Off rickshaw for hire in the UK. It has robust off road mountain bike wheels and optional balloon wheels for beach/soft ground work. The operator can walk on and off the deck during the shot using the adjustable back brace for support. The rig can also be hard mounted with the Klassen self levelling Garfield bracket. A seat can be added to convert it into a conventional style rickshaw also. It has optional shorter handles for use in confined locations, and ground clearance is easily adjustable with a single allen key. For more photos check out my site at www.alangloversteadicam.co.uk I have also built a few to order for UK operators. Hope this is of help Alan.