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  1. This gimbal is in perfect working condition. It was completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and reassembled. Even the bearings in the handle.
  2. The PRO female socket block is right around $1,000.00.
  3. Hi Hugo, those pins are pressed in there so you can also trying pressing them out as well. You will have to make obvious allowances for the threads on the inner and outer post receivers so they don't get crushed. Just make sure the post is supported, the threads are elevated off the mounting plate surface, and the post is level to the press.
  4. When I was growing up I played baseball competitively and had a private coach I went to every week to work on mechanics drills and skills. I kind of look at Greg like that, like a coach; he figures out where you need the most help and tailors the coaching around that. Greg's many years as an operator makes his advice indispensable and worth every penny. I was getting my ass handed to me on a particular shot in a movie I did a few weeks ago. I got together with Greg and told him where I was getting hung up and he had me straightened out in no time. Greg is a great teacher and I recommend his
  5. Brooks, Thanks for sharing with us heartfelt decisions and some epic stories. It was always fun to see you when you came into the shop at PRO, when we were in Santa Clarita, that is. I wish you the same success from here that you've always enjoyed.
  6. Hi Damien, the serial number for all PRO arms is located on an engraved nameplate that is then affixed to the "wiggler" link of the arm, (that's the link that connects the front section to the rear section of the arm). They can sometimes get knocked off, so If it's not there, give Michelle a call and she can look your serial number up and issue you a new nameplate. When you get the new nameplate, attach it to the wiggler by using the shop approved method of using a thin layer of household contact adhesive like this: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Amazing-Goop-3-7-fl-oz-Household-Contact-Adhesive
  7. Vitaya, there is no price listed because the post indicates that you should submit your offer to him through the email he has listed.
  8. Hi Bruce, I've done the wiring for PRO since 2012 and understand the iterations of PRO sled wiring. I'd be happy to help you out if you'd like, it's really not too difficult especially if you have a soldapullt!
  9. I have 8 canisters, yet, I've had 4 blues in my arm for as long as I can remember. I've had to do a little lifting with some heavier lenses on a fully built Alexa, though. As Jens stated above, flying 2 canisters in a Titan is fine. It was designed with that in mind.
  10. Victor, Jack didn't change the prints on the socket block. Back when I bought my 3A arm the socket block was .008 ( keep in mind a human hair is roughly .003 to .004, so we're not talking about a whole hell of a lot extra metal here) over the size of the PRO female socket block. I took some 220 grit cloth to the boss on the male socket block to get it to the PRO socket block ID. When I got it so it fit very snugly I hit it with some 600 grit cloth for the final passes to clean up any marks left by the heavier grit. Took about ten minutes. Cut the cloth in a 1" x 12" strip wrap it around
  11. A heartfelt thank you to those service men and women who are a part of our community, for their sacrifices while serving the country. I know Jack and Chris at PRO are veterans. David Baldwin is a veteran as well as Michael Johnson and George Paddock. It would be fun to see who else amongst us has served so we can honor them today as well.
  12. What up Stew! This has happened to me twice and both times the MDR stops sending a signal to the motors. One minute things are honky dory and the next nothing is happening. My first came to me and said he didn't have control of focus for the last half of the shot we were doing. We did some trouble shooting and obviously were perplexed. have know idea what is going on technically but the power light and the channel light are on but the reset button doesn't trigger the usual motor calibration and there is no response from the HU either. I'm sure this has been talked about before but someone
  13. Alec, No one picked up the phone for me on a Saturday, but Brian Freesh did and saved my butt for Saturday and Sunday by lending me his MDR3. On Monday I took my MDR in to Preston and they are replacing something that is a "known problem" in the MDR. Does a booster board sound right? Although, it is extremely frustrating and embarrassing when your gear goes down I'm very happy with Preston's commitment to their customers and their customer service. I was given a loaner MDR 3 on Monday and the repair will be done this week. Iv'e always believed that a company's true colors are shown by how th
  14. Anyone have a G4 blue dot MDR for rent in LA? I think a board in my MDR3 went out because there is power going to the MDR but it doesn't respond to HU commands or reset when using the reset button. Nor does unplugging and plugging back in the power cable. All the lights and channel indicators are on but no one's home. Thanks.
  15. I've heard cramped attic does a good job on these modifications and I would give Terry West a shout as well. We definitely don't do any SD to HD modifications at PRO. The best bet would be to buy a new Cinelive upper and lower and then plug it in and go to work.
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