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  1. I have a Tiffen Ultralight compact vest with Baer-bel socket block. If you are interested, get in touch camaracuba@hotmail.com
  2. Hello everyone I have a problem with the configured my Artemis tally system and my Transvideo HD 6 "X-sbl monitor. I use a Artemis Cine HD PRO with the original tally Arri system. I recently bought the cable to have the tally through the J002 connector of my transvideo on the screen. When I use my Tally Artemis Leds system it works perfectly but when I connect the cable that goes to the transvideo J002 the tally light of the screen and the upper tally Leds remain lit continuously even with the camera off. I think I'm doing something wrong in the configuration of my monitor. If someone uses this system and can help me. Thanks in advance a greeting
  3. Hi Dennis I have a Gpi-pro II sled with Bezt.tools stage and anton bauer You can contact me : camaracuba@hotmail.com
  4. HI I own swit 8 batteries (2-88WH and 6 - 190wh) 88WH batteries are 2005 and even give power to my monitor Transvideo HD6" about 4 hours 190wh batteries are 2007 and are able to give power a camera Grass Valley 300, follow focus and Gigawave transmitter and control data for slightly more than 2 hours I have a charger Swit since 2005 and has never failed me and Bebob charger that charges the batteries perfectly
  5. Hi Thomas. maybe this will help http://www.actionproducts.ch/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/high_lowmode_01_900.jpg
  6. Congratulations Mike, incredibly good. Feel you very proud
  7. Hi all !!! Sell my G-70 arm upgraded in october 2012 to G-70X (with soft bag). 1 arm post 6" for Ultra2 1 arm post 12" for Ultra2 1 arm post adapter G-70 to 5/8" gimbal Price 9.500 euros + taxes + shipping more information and pics email: camaracuba@hotmail.com
  8. Great job!!!! this is not so good, but it was improvised. :P
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