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  1. Aloha Brooks, Although I don't know you, but have heard your name in the film business, I wanted to just drop you a line to say you have done beautiful work in your career. I especially liked "Tropic Thunder" & "Suicide Kings." I too recently came to the realization that this business although is the best creative business to be in, working with different crews, different locations, different craft service......(humor), that this business takes a toll physically. I worked as a crane/head tech in Hawaii for years and the jungles & beaches as I got older became like a quagmire of sorts.. My legs didn't move the way they use to and the weights & remote head got heavier every day I had the "1st up shot." Enjoy your new adventures and remember what Kenny Rogers once said, "You got to know when to fold 'em." Aloha, Joe
  2. FS: Walter Klassen carbon Fiber wireless remote camera head. Virtually new. Purchased from Walter. This is a wireless head with recordable moves controller. Comes with hard wire harness, digital controller capable of recording moves on an SD card. Marshall monitor, 2 AC power supplies, one for the head and one for the controller, or powers via Panavison wired batteries (not included.) Comes with film crank wheels and a joystick console. Recently used on Hawaii Five-0. Reason for selling: retiring. Videos of the head functions available. New Rolling Cases. Up right Magliner. Asking $39,000
  3. try: http://www.scorpio-steadicam-repairs-vancouver.com/services/repairs/
  4. more cables/connectors: Lemo/ Fisher/Hirose/4 pin xlr..
  5. FS: connectors. Lemos.. Panavision, 4 pin xlr.. $50 plus shipping. Paypal
  6. I have these mini gobo heads with posts that I clipped on iris rods and off tripods to hang very small eye lights and support cameras when on remote heads, etc. $75 for both. Paypal/shipping.
  7. Years ago, when my brain and body were functioning, I had numerous pieces of equipment, Preston, Bartech, FMG motors.. I had a hot camera plate for a Hot Head 2 and I ran my lens motors via the foot & FMG motors.. but that was years ago.. What I "believe" I have found are several "FMG" motor cables.. and a female to female 5 pin pigtail. Each end of 24" yellow cables have Hirose 5 pin male connectors..the larger end of the pigtail connects to the larger Hirose end..and the other end of the yellow cable has a smaller male 5 pin.. confused? so am I, however if anyone out there knows or wants these..$75/shipping.. Thanks
  8. 1.12v Arri Aux.Power 1128, 11 pin Fisher 4pin xlr 12" 1.12v Arri Aux Power 1128 11 Pin Fisher 4 pin xlr 10' 1. 12v xlr to 3 pin Fisher 10" $85 for all/shipping paypal. Thank You
  9. Cleaning out.. 30" right angle cable & gear for Fuji. $75/shipping
  10. All I have is a 2 pin female that I had for a witness camera connected to a 4 pin xlr.
  11. Check this out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PELICAN-1200-ORANGE-CASE-WITH-FOAM-NEW-/400652172535?pt=US_Camera_Cases_Bags&hash=item5d48bafcf7
  12. Hello Terry, Here's my 2¢ worth. These systems are already on the market and more to come. People are using the Movi and changing the way images are made. As I'm not but use to be a steadicam operator, and I use that phrase lightly as I soon found out that, that skill was not in me, I turned to remote heads and cranes. Bottom line, you have a professional service to offer, a service that people need. Your charge should be what you charge regardless of what the system is, period. Productions call me all the time with small cameras and don't understand why I charge the same weather it's an Alexa, Panavision with a 11-1 or a Go-Pro..it's time, materials, and professionalism that costs..if it would make you feel any better, up the charge and put the difference in your IRA!
  13. Aloha Tom, The eartec is an excellent wireless system. I have one and we used it on LOST and I use it on Hawaii Five-0. Chris did Libra work on several projects with my crane. Honest, good guy.. I also got a back up master from eartec in the event mine failed, which it never did. You can't go wrong with this system. I'm sure chris will explain to power up the master for about 30 seconds before turning on the remote packs.. my 2¢ worth... Aloha, Joe Www.beararmshawaii.com
  14. Selling like new 4 pack/base station/single side headset wireless system. Comes in a pelican like black hard case. $2900
  15. Selling a used Scorpio 3 motor FIZ system. gears, cables, rings, brackets, batteries. $13K
  16. Rob, Can you send me some detailed photos of your system. Thanks, Joe
  17. Aloha Adam, One of the best films ever. I bought a laser disc copy almost 20 years ago. Till today I'm impressed with the camera work and how inventive they were with the visuals. I purchased several dvd's and passed them out to DP'S and directors with whom I have worked with. Another film that impressed me was/ is "Russian Ark." A one take steadicam shot lasting 90 minutes. Aloha
  18. 2- Motor cables: 4412 30" right on one end straight on the other: $90 ea SOLD Thank you.
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