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  1. Light to moderately heavy Rain and Scratch/ding protective covers for HU3, Sngl Chn HS, DMFrce, DM1X,and DM2 motors.
  2. Here Is a quik vid showing the put-on process for the Volt IMG_1144.MOV
  3. This VZ gimbal has been used not abused. It’s been regularly serviced by moi after a mini seminar by the master Jack himself. Included is a New master bearing an $800.00 Value And Wrench $5500.00 Usd
  4. Hi Daniel. I didn’t get a notification for some strange reason. Anyhow are you still seeking a Volt coat? I have a Red one available immediately or can make you one of a tread color you like. If you email robcarlson35@gmail.com I can show you a couple options that people wanted. cheers robbie
  5. The Volt Weather Cover has an upgraded closure hook system along with padded cable area. Also new is a Teflon coated main material which has a bit nicer hand and is a little more rugged. The Poster Below highlights the additions Choose 1 or 2 Thread Color(s) any color...it’s subtle Regular L or Goofy R Volt setup One can order on this Topic or text 847-343-7255 or email robcarlson35@gmail.com .Priority USPS is $10 for US, Canada $17-55 Depending, $55+/- Australia, and $40 +/- for Europe. People in Europe are receiving shipments in 6/8 days One Cover weighs 1.3 Oz , 2.5 in the Envelope Due to Covid, I only do Priority. No lines to stand in, Or a Customer can arrange a Pickup if they have a Carrier they prefer. $95.00 USD Shipping Additional This Post Supersedes any Previous Topics 07/09/20 8697B253-0AC5-4F71-BD40-1CA1D0597A5F.mov
  6. Hi. Yes I built it when I got my rig in 1999. It’s rough Mag weight same and body the same Real panatape guns, but the lens weight fluctuates but it’s been a life saver trying to get any real exercise during this most difficult times were in. Thanks
  7. Volt Cover is now $95 due to an updated hook system
  8. Hi BJ

    i hope you are well.  Did you want a volt cover.  I saw your message a week or so back



  9. Volt Light rain/dust debris protection Titan Arm Debis/ Scratch Protection Choice of thread color Please email robcarlson35@gmail.com for ordering thank you for viewing Volt $95.00 Titan Arm $125.00
  10. Available in practically any thread color that suits you. Red looks nice , Hunter green, burgundy , navy,... For Regualar or Goofy. $85.00 USD 1391C4FB-1888-4036-BC18-8285DB85118C.mov
  11. PRO Titan Arm Weather Protection $125.00 USD IMG_0923.mov
  12. Volt Rain/Dust protection with easy on/ off design Velcro free. $85.00 USD IMG_0924.mov
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