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  1. Hi Bud. I got an offer. He’s ready to buy. Are you still interested best
  2. Greeting Bud, I’m glad you’re well. I still have it.
  3. 5” Starlite PRO Bracket mod RainCover PRO Power Cbl Fisher Power Cbl BNCs Face protector Case Touch Screen works thru Stataglass weather cover $1200
  4. StrataGlass CrystalClear Polishable, Sratch Resistant Bonded Polymer Marine Window Material. SemiRidgid Waterproof Teflon Coated 4 WayStretch Material Secured by Scoville Marine/Military Plasma Snaps. Removable SemiPlyable Shade/Topper Redirects partial Rain away from DirectHit RainDrops on Monitor Face and Takes out Backlight Pollution. FeatherWeight Good for Dolly Monitors also $85
  5. Teflon Coated 4 WayStretch Waterproof Material. FeatherWeight Slip On/ Off from Dock. Good for Sand , Sea/Ocean Spray Environments. Works well in HighHeat Desert Conditions for Cooling effects of Material and general Blowing Fine Dust/ FX Dust/Debris $140
  6. hi. For some reason photos are not properly uploading. I’ll send some fro another device. cheers
  7. Hi Alfeo, you are looking for a VoltCover for an Ultra2/Volt? that’s no problem. You dock with Hill or similar not Volt Dock? Are you Reg or Goofy, it’s hard for me to tell on your photo ;) Thread Color. I have to make it tonight. Can ship tomorrow. Are you in ATL. I only have a Goofy V4 , which is M1 gimbal. Sorry. I’m trying to build stock but orders keep coming in. A photo of your gimbal would be helpful to verify cheers
  8. Hi if you want them it’s a simple snip. I used to snip them Best to do to taste yourself. A small, sharp tip scissors. The material won’t fray. There is one access point at post canister cheers
  9. Hey Rob, sent you a msg on your arm protection thread but I may send you a pic of my 8" Transvideo XSBL on my camjam yoke to get a quote for the monitor cover. Also, fancy making a cover for the bottom LEH of an XCS Ultimate 1? I'd be interested. 



    1. Rob Carlson

      Rob Carlson

      Hi Alan,

      No problem, can do both. May I ask you to email robbicover@gmail.com or 8473437255 for specifics.  Or leave yours here and I’ll contact 

    2. Alan G. Kelly SOC
  10. Arm protection from sand, sea/salt moisture and direct sun. The Teflon coated, waterproof 4 way stretch material has a slight reflective quality so it deflects sun rays and keeps the arm cooler making it more comfortable to operate in blistering sun/heat conditions. Doesn’t limit or impede on the Arms range of motion. It’s easy on easy off from Dock. Drys fast after rinsing/ washing. 2 sizes. PRO Titan. PRO Atlas/ G90 $140.00
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