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  1. Hi if you want them it’s a simple snip. I used to snip them Best to do to taste yourself. A small, sharp tip scissors. The material won’t fray. There is one access point at post canister cheers
  2. Hey Rob, sent you a msg on your arm protection thread but I may send you a pic of my 8" Transvideo XSBL on my camjam yoke to get a quote for the monitor cover. Also, fancy making a cover for the bottom LEH of an XCS Ultimate 1? I'd be interested. 



    1. Rob Carlson

      Rob Carlson

      Hi Alan,

      No problem, can do both. May I ask you to email robbicover@gmail.com or 8473437255 for specifics.  Or leave yours here and I’ll contact 

    2. Alan G. Kelly SOC
  3. Arm protection from sand, sea/salt moisture and direct sun. The Teflon coated, waterproof 4 way stretch material has a slight reflective quality so it deflects sun rays and keeps the arm cooler making it more comfortable to operate in blistering sun/heat conditions. Doesn’t limit or impede on the Arms range of motion. It’s easy on easy off from Dock. Drys fast after rinsing/ washing. 2 sizes. PRO Titan. PRO Atlas/ G90 $140.00
  4. This Monitor Protective Cover is made with a waterproof 4 way stretch Teflon coated material, the Snap system to secure the cover are made for Marine/Military applications. They are Plasma thus unaffected by moisture and decay. The front panel is a bonded vinyl and composite material called SrataGlass. It’s scratch resistant and can be cleaned/ polished. It comes with a semi flexible Top/side shade that helps channel water to the sides while providing backlight wash. They are made to order to accommodate for the various brackets. TransV 6&8”. SMHD 703 for the most part to date. If you’d
  5. This harness is the bomb when doing insert car or ATV/ Griptrix etc type work. Super secure and comfortable. Not light but goes on easy. Great Condition. Used mostly in cool weather conditions. new $400+ sell 300.00. Will ship within US lower 48 UPS Flat Rate
  6. This Sling secures heavy Volt Arm Post into an area that’s padded to eliminate the bumping and banging from Cart travel. Also serves well for people “ferrying “ the rig to a distant set. It’s a lightweight., water resistant 4 way stretch material secured by a Marine/Military Plasma Snap system. Easy on easy off. Can live easy on the rig without interfering with Volt controls. Versatile fit. $35.00 US robbicover@gmail.com if you’re interested cheers
  7. IMG_2108.MOV IMG_2108.MOV I Hi Thomas yes. I make a version for M1 gimbal and then one for M2, PROMod betz gimbals they are $125.00. If you are interested please email robbicover@gmail just for ease in communication. Goofy and regular are different covers and such. I have done mods to this cover over the fall.
  8. Hi Dave,

    I see your VoltCover was delivered. I sent an invoice from Authorize.Net. It may be in your Spam. You haven’t responded to any emails and I like to get paid upon shipping. I hope you’re ok. It’s been at your house for 3 days now

  9. The VoltCover5 is the same basically as the V4 (Tiffen Dock Green Thread images), but is meant for use with Hill or PRO Docks(Grey Thread). The Low mode protection is more secure due to more enveloping Teflon coated material around your Handgrip. Padded Cable Connect area for bump protection. Provides protection for the Small Encoder Cable as well. New Handle Pully/Belt water coverage extended material. Can be folded back. V4 Tiffen Dock $125.00 USD V5 Hill / PRO $125.00 Regular or Goofy Choose a Thread Color
  10. This GZoom Cover has a Teflon Coated PolySandex material that marry well to the VoltCover4 Gimbal cover. It provides Debis and Light to Medium Rain Protection with a heatable Top of Hand situation keep the Hand out of open Wind and Rainy/Cold weather conditions. Marine/Military Spec Plasma Snaps $75.00
  11. This Mitt is a Lightweight, Thin Glove density, Teflon Coated 98% Wind and 90% waterproof. The 10% I found in the seam areas after exaggerated water pressure condition. It has a slot to hold a full size Disposable Heat Pack available in many places. Additionally, There is a Thin Foam Insulation Inset that would prolong the life of the Disposable Heat Pack. You get 90% dexterity with your fingers. The Mitt design keeps fingers together for warmth and allows any style of finger placement on the Post/Gimbal. The Teflon Coated Polyurethane acts as a very Subtle Tacky Control Surface for a really t
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