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  1. PRO Titan Arm Cover Waterproof material with tight knit Lycra Nylon super flexible Tightens up when Arm is deployed: $125.00 cheers
  2. PRO Titan Arm Cover. Waterproof material with super tight knit Nylon/Lycra insets. Easy on easy off from arm dock. Velcro Free. Easy acces to Cannister adjusts. Good for hot days in the desert. $185.
  3. I’m making these in Marion, dark blue, or black. The color is the bottom bit of fabric, it’s the black/silver material for the rest. it looks rather bulky in the pics but when the arm is deployed, it stretches but give hang up free and full articulation Great also for smokin hot days outside, it’s much cooler against your human arm.
  4. This cover is Velcro Less and made of a waterproof stretch material. The bottom side is a strong Lycra Nylon. It pulls on pretty easy. Quick drying. $175.00
  5. Hi. I make a rain / dust cover for Volt it’s waterproof and easy on easy off. No Velcro I can make either operating side and 1.5 and 2” posts. If you’re interested I can make you one. Reply or text 847.343.7255 All the Best. Stay well cheers
  6. Volt rain/dust cover for Pro Left side operation $65 please text 847-343-7255
  7. still avalaible, if yes I take it.

  8. One motor was serviced Thursday and a new bearing was replaced but the other is good.
  9. 2 DM2 Motors #2978 & 2992 2 Motor Cables 2 Hill 2 Preston brackets 6 Stepdown rings Rodrigis Mount PFX Brackets Iris ,Zoom, wide focus gears $3300 obo 8473437255
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