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  1. I bought one a couple of years ago for practice reasons as well. It's been great to have for those times I want to brush up on the wheels and either can't get to a rental house, or they can't accommodate at the time. It surprisingly is a solid build with a close feel to a professional gearhead, but I would NEVER use it on a job. It lacks the great features and it's tolerances are not 100%, but for at home practice, it will be great.
  2. Over the weekend I did some maintenance on my gear and decided to clean my pan bearings. My setup is a Volt/Pro modified gimbal. I've done this a few times before, so I am comfortable doing it and getting it all back together. For some reason, this time is different and I am getting play (a wiggle) in the pan bearing housing. I have taken it back apart and reassembled several times to make sure everything is done correctly, but I keep getting the same results. Once built and rebalanced, I give it the 180 test and it does list to the side in a small way, so this is having an affect on balance. I've attached a couple of videos to show what is occuring. It's subtle, but it's there. Heck, for all I know this level of play has always been there, and for some reason I'm just now tuned in to it, but I doubt it. I've emailed all this to Tyson at Tiffen for their take. I've not heard back yet, so I thought I would see if others have had this. With it being the Volt on a Pro gimbal, it brings up the good question of what component is in question and who will work on it, if I need to send it in. Top_Gimbal.mp4 Bottom_Gimbal.mp4
  3. I've had an intermittent issue where it wants to pull my pan to the right, but only when the rig becomes static. I know it's not supposed to have any influence in the pan, but I seem to get it from time to time. The issue didn't start happening until 4 months after purchasing it. I've been in touch with Tiffen about it, and they've walked me through some tips and trouble shooting, but it still comes up. I had it happen on a shoot the other week and failed to get a video showing what it does. I later tried to recreate the situation at home and a rental house, but the issue didn't occur. The tugging on the pan only happens when the Volt is engaged, so I know it's not a problem with the gimbal itself. I should mention that my Volt is fitted to the Pro gimbal.
  4. One cable has been sold. There is still one up for grabs. Let me know if there is any interest.
  5. For any of you Archer 2 operators out there, I have two MDR2 power cables that were made by Terry West. These are 3 Pin Lemo, and plug into the 12V power on the front nose box of the rig. I will sell them individually, or together. $100 per cable.
  6. I have four IDX Battery Plates back from when I used V Mounts on a previous sled. One of them still has the quick connector piece, while the other 3 have bare wire. You can see this in the pictures. There are not mounting screws with these plates, so some will need to be purchased. I will sell them individually, but you are welcome to the whole lot if you like. $50 per plate.
  7. I have an older style (non angled) Pro Diving Board for use with the Preston Mount. If I'm not mistaken, this is compatible with the Optical Support DBIII as well as the DBII. It's missing one the small thumbs screws to tighten down the mount. You can see this in the pictures. $100 OBO
  8. I have a Pelican iM2975 Storm Case I bought over the summer. I used it one day and the size of the case just didn't work with my system of vehicle, cart, loading/unloading... I sent it back to Pelican, but since I used it that one day, there were just enough scuffs on it's surface that they wouldn't take it back. It's an empty case, ready for you to customize with whatever materials you please. I'm looking to sell it for $250. It sells new on their site for $324. Buyer pays for shipping. Thanks.
  9. I have for sale a PRO Docking Bracket. I haven't used it in quite some time. $200 OBO.
  10. Joel, Is this Volt bracket still available? I would like to purchase it from you if it is. Thanks, Aaron King
  11. I'm about to my second show with a Venice, and a third coming up in the fall. Besides what Brett has told you about the weight, be aware that it is power hungry, and I believe only draws 3 amps (what I've heard from utility & AC chatter) which doesn't help when powering other accessories from the camera. Most of my experience is with the added recorder deck on the back for 4K which pulls even more juice. I feel that if you are just using the built in recorder, you will be in a better position for power draw. If you can request some extra batteries for the shoot, I would do it. Knowing I have a large cache of batteries on heavy steadi days gives me extra piece of mind. Test it out at a prep so you know your limits before you start shooting.
  12. A question for Pro users who have adopted the M1 Volt gimbal and have been using a Pelican 1650 case. I've been using a 1650 case for the past several years and have it set up with two levels. The bottom I keep the Pro Arm, monitor and additional canisters. The top level I have the sled, docking bracket and additional plates. My question is, with the new thickness of the gimbal, have you been successful in still utilizing the 1650, or did you find yourself needing something deeper to compensate for the new dimensions and still have room for all your components? Thanks.
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