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  1. Are any operators still interested in a product like this? What price would be acceptable?
  2. We've actually discontinued this modification due to a few factors (one being that the Hyperdeck has been discontinued). To answer your question, we have not had one return to us over the past few years for repairs.
  3. Some of our clients use our XLR Power Adapter for Intersex Plate (https://mediablackout.net/products/xlr-power-adapter-for-intersex-plate)with 24V out on their sled. We also make Gold Mount Battery Eliminators that can be wired for 24V (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl4OrrzHX11/). Obviously, you'll really want to keep track of a cable that is wired for 24V that terminates to 4-pin XLR or a GM/VM battery eliminator, but it's an easy solution.
  4. The tally works on the current monitors. It uses an open collector, which means that it the tally pin has to be disconnected or left "floating" when the tally is off. When the tally is activated, you can pull the signal high or low to activate the tally light. The problem I've seen with their approach is that analog tally cables won't work, and neither will a microcontroller without an open drain output.
  5. To be honest, I would either steer clear of Marshall monitors or install a less sensitive device in between the sled and monitor. Freakshow has a tiny DA that would work, or you could use an AJA, Decimator, Blackmagic, converter. I would follow the note about not hot swapping, if that's what the manufacturer recommends. It could be that the power surges when hot-plugging, and that's what's causing the problem (just a guess).
  6. The discount can be used by anyone. It will expire on Friday Aug 17th. I'll keep that is mind for a future revision, thanks.
  7. I just wanted to reach out to everyone to let you know that I have been working hard at Media Blackout all year to restructure our fulfillment practices. We have significantly decreased our lead times, and many cables we can get out within a week. The Steadicam community really helped me jumpstart this business, and I am truly grateful to all of you! When we first experienced a growth spurt in Summer 2016, we had to move to a new location and hire some people, but we never fully recovered from the ensuing backlog. When I started, I just wanted to build stuff. I didn't know anything about business, so I had to learn on the fly. I've gotten the hang of it after four years, and now I'm ready for a sort of soft relaunch of the company. To set this off right, and to show my appreciation to the community that helped me get started, I'm offering everyone in this group a 20% discount on orders of $250 or more. Feel free to share this code with your colleagues. To get this 20% discount, use the code STEADICAMLA18, or click the following link: https://mediablackout.net/discount/STEADICAMLA18 As always, if you need me, please email sales@mediablackout.net or call (310) 904-6222 With gratitude, Alan Rencher Founder, Media Blackout
  8. I was recently tasked by Joel San Juan to create a 2lbs weight for the back of his monitor with the smallest profile possible. The finished product turned out great! It has the same dimensions and hole pattern as an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount plate, and it comes in at just under 2 lbs (1 lbs 15.6 oz). If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please email sales@mediablackout.net
  9. The 4-pin CForce motors will not work with standard 7-pin digital motor drivers. CForce motors use a proprietary serial signal called "LBUS" that only works with Cmotion and Arri motor drivers.
  10. Just a heads-up, Media Blackout now offers new Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 recorders with modifications added so that you don't have to drop ship one from another vendor. The price is $770 with all the modifications added. See the product page for prices for each modification option: https://mediablackout.net/products/hyperdeck-shuttle-mod
  11. Oh man, has it really been 5 years since I made this post? Now I make BNC all day long! I actually spec'd custom-manufactured (in the USA) 75 ohm coaxi cable that I call MegaFlex: https://mediablackout.net/products/megaflex-hd-sdi-cable
  12. There could be a a short somewhere that you can only detect when connected to the camera's chassis. That, or maybe you have a bad diode or other component that is showing the correct voltage but can't pass enough current to start the camera.
  13. We also have these for that exact reason: https://mediablackout.net/products/2-pin-lemo-polarity-tester
  14. What a great service. I'll be sure to tell my clients about this! Hopefully, I won't have to open anymore of those monitors again!
  15. If anyone is interested in contacting us about fixing the issue mentioned above. Please don't contact me on the forum because I don't always check my inbox here. Contact us via email instead: sales@mediablackout.net We are not able to correct any firmware issues or make board-level repairs. We can only fix bad connections within the monitor.
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