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  1. Kit comes with: 1 x Transmitter 2 x Receivers (both have female V-lock plates, one has male Anton Bauer pass thru, one has V-lock pass through for mounting receivers on any focus monitor) 2 x perch mounts. One for each receiver. 2 x spud mounts. One for each perch. 1 x threaded mount on the transmitter 1 x two pin to two pin transmitter power 1 x Ptap to two pin transmitter power (not shown), more cables available... 2 x receiver AC power 12 x antennas, 5 x Stubby 5.8Ghz antennas, 2 x Cloverleaf antennas IR sensor and remote $5000 USD One year old, gently used, this kit is dialled. Any questions or offers please ask, Kieran
  2. MUST include handset, rings, transmitter, 3 X DM2 or 3 motors and cables, MDR 2 motor driver, Digital Microforce, bracket and cable, Power cables for Arri & Panavision, remote run for Arri & Panavision, Hill motor brackets: 19mm, & 15mm. 2 batteries & charger, gears for Panavision lenses. Must be in very good condition, and (verifiably) serviced and upgraded by Preston. Please email humphberg@gmail.com
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