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  1. And now $300. You can also order different forks from Clean's camera support. https://cleanscamerasupport.com/product/moses-forks/
  2. Used Jerry Hill Mag-Dock w/h GAD 1 docking bracket + one 1.500" docking ring This is a stripped down version of the docking bracket. There are no balance studs, no arm hanger, and no adjustments, just docking. It mounts to the 5/8″ Baby light stud that is on carts or stands. It's currently set-up with a GAD 1, but will also work with a GAD 2 fork (for rings wider than 1.580"). https://steadimoves.com/product/mag-dock-1-2/ Selling Mag-Dock and GAD1 together. Will consider selling the ring separately if needed. $400 + shipping. or local pick-up/delivery available. Item located in Glendale, CA
  3. Used Moses pole/Monopod for steadicam docking on the go, from Rock Steadi. It's a 2 sections pole, total length is 60" once assembled. Very easy to put together and breakdown. Life saver when your docking stand can not be close enough. Currently set-up with a fork for Gorelock/Jerry Hill 1.500" docking ring system, fits GPI/Pro rigs, ring not included (https://steadimoves.com/product/gorelock-2-new-style-docking-ring-call-d-sizes/). Different forks are available from Rock Steadi directly (will supply Tim Moynihan's email for inquiry). I also have a feeling the Clean's Camera Support forks might work as well, but haven't checked on that (https://cleanscamerasupport.com/product/moses-poles/). $500 + shipping or local pick-up/delivery. Pole is located in Glendale, CA
  4. Used, obviously.... XCS TB-6 green screen monitor for sale, minor scratch on the housing (see pictures). Screen is untouched and works very well tho. Also included is a rain cover, Redbyte Decimator downconverter (for work in today's digital age) with 2pin, Ptap power cables and short HDMI cable. This has been my back-up for awhile now. Time for it to get some fresh air and see new horizons, if possible. $500 + shipping
  5. For sale, Betz Wave 1 / Twister combo, used but in darn good condition. Dare I say close to like new. Comes with shipping case, 2 balancing plates (1 long & 1 short), 2 handles, all standard Twister accessories, 5 power cables (2 Ptap, 1 Two pin Lemo and 1 Pro rig) and 1 software update cable. Additional info: https://www.betz-tools.com/en/wave1.php $7,000
  6. MDR2 in good condition with all the upgrades (G4 / Blue dot), Pro mounting bracket and following cables: POWER CABLES Panavision 24v x2 Arri / Moviecam 24v x1 Ptap x1, Pro (MDR to sled) x1 ON/OFF CABLES Red digital x2 Red Epic x2 Panavision x2 Arri /Moviecam x2 Arri 435 x1 Others: Arri Auxiliary Y cable x2 & 30' command cable x1 Asking $1,000 OBO currently in Atlanta, GA. Will ship anywhere. contact: rtournois@gmail.com
  7. I've been a happy Pro owner for over 10 years now. Love the simplicity, reliability and feel of it. Looking at adding a Volt and still debating whether I should go the full Volt/Tiffen gimbal route or get my Pro gimbal fitted for the new toy? I'll definitely want to keep a back-up none Volt gimbal system for the unforseen needs and emergencies. So do I go Volt mounted on my Pro gimbal and shop for a back-up gimbal or keep it simple (and cheaper) by going with the Tiffen Volt/gimbal sytem and keep my Pro VZ gimbal as a back-up? Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Yes but leaving in a week for a job. Let me call Preston tomorrow to see if there is a waiting time for a MDR3. When do you need it by? Thx
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