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  1. I believe this is the Walter Klassen piece you are reffering to, Jerry. https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/gpi-pro-rigid-socket-adaptor
  2. It's funny, Unlike you Kevin, I use the low mode monitor for low low, and the regular monitor for high low, so opposite to how you use it. I've found myself in many situations where I will transition from one monitor to the other during a shot. I think the low mode monitor is one of the last things I would remove from my sled even if it is extra gack not in use. As for preference the feelworld 6S is a great lightweight SDI monitor that is bright.
  3. Can you define mechanical jitter? Just curious, was it in the recorded footage, or rather by eye looking at the motors? I can also hands down say you are making the correct purchase. That cam-jam bracket is a god-send, adding rods to the DB2/3
  4. I'm quite happy with mycasebuilder as well. Just had this made up. 
  5. The screw you are tightening is suppose to go through that big black spacer on the post. Slide the spacer back and put the screw through the battery plate, then the spacer, then through the post and out the other side.
  6. Probably a squeak, right? I get it too sometimes.
  7. Pics just loaded (I'm on my phone) I definitely agree with Alan. I think that battery is a big contender for the vibration coupled with the extended post. Get a power cable and you probably don't need that weight at the bottom once the battery is gone. PS I found mounting the monitor laid down onto the support much more sturdy, that monitor looks like it could vibrate a lot being so far out.
  8. With the Zephyr, if the post is extended at any length, there is definitely a high probability you will find vibration on a mid-to- heavy build, especially when running. Do you have any photos of your setup? how much was your post extended ? Unfortunately the Zephyr isn't extremely stiff even when the post is fully retracted, especially with extra weight at the bottom.
  9. I'm seeing the same thing, but to be honest, when it's not just a blank screen and there is an image, I can't notice it. Can you?
  10. It uses small batteries (Canon Battery Pack BP-955) There is no point to power it off of the rig because one battery can power it for a couple hours with no issue.
  11. The Canada Goose jackets are actually made in Canada. Used to drive past one of the factories here in Toronto often. That's one of the things they pride themselves in.. rightfully so! www.canada-goose.com/our-story/our-story.html
  12. Ok thanks. For a moment, I thought I may have missed a new receiver announcement or something from Bartech.
  13. With regards to the backlight: I don't have experience with the Cinetronic, but if it is the culprit as Afton suggests it may be then shining a bright flash light at the screen might help you see the image on the display and diagnose that problem.
  14. The upgrade that you linked to is the same merlin arm and vest you already own, so it will not help you out. Just curious, are you not able to bring your rig down in weight? 24lbs seems quite high for a DSLR rig in the settings you are shooting in. I think the best option is to bring the total rig and camera weight down to the 18lbs max that your merlin arm can hold.
  15. You could look into a used Steadicam Zephyr (SD version maybe?) for sale on the forum every now and then... although you're close to it's max weight already at 24lbs.
  16. They are now suppose to work with Heden Motors. If heden motors work, shouldn't they all? Not sure, but interested.
  17. Even with two batteries on the base, I find it quite impractical to operate with anything but an extended post when in low mode, and it definitely introduces a lot of vibration.
  18. I've had issues with them shipping to Toronto. So I doubt Australia will be any easier. But worth a call cause they definitely do have a lot in stock.
  19. The way it vibrates (large vibration, and followed by smaller ones) really makes me think that's the post vibrating. Keeping the post short would help that on the flyer.
  20. I definitely agree. Try making the drop time @ 3 seconds and see how you fare. As for weight limitations, also a possibility, but I've had 20+ lbs cameras on there with no issues when I used one in the past.
  21. I've never re-aligned a Flyer gimble, but the first few paragraphs in there show you how to detect the problem.
  22. What camera are you putting on the flyer? Is the total camera weight a big difference between what you do with your archer and what you do with the flyer? If you're keeping the drop times similar and the total mass is similar, (and your the same operator, so that variable is out), then it's possibly something to do with the rig/ gimble. It's possible that your gimble is not centred and out of alignment. This could throw the rig out of balance when you are in motion. Best bet right now is to check if it's centred: http://www.steadicam.com/images/content/U2_GimbalCentering.pdf
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