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  1. $500 OBO Good working order FIZ2 handunit with batteries, charger, rings and spare antenna. Located in LA will ship anywhere in the US. Contact AaronMSmith1@gmail.com or message through the forum.
  2. Bartech w/ M1 Motor (Analog) -2 Motor cables -6 Power cables (Alexa, Ptap, XLR) -2 Start/Stop Cables $3500 Obo I've used it mainly for a remote iris option for DP Email me AaronMSmith1@yahoo.com -Aaron
  3. Analog Bartech in great condition. I am the original owner of the bartech and the motor and they've always worked flawlessly. All original brackets and gears but upgraded to a pelican case. Lots of cables. 2 Arri 24V Power Cables 2 Ptap Power Cables 2 XLR Power Cables 2 Motor Cables 1 Arri Start/Stop Cable 1 Red One Start/Stop Cable $3500 Contact: AaronMSmith1@gmail.com
  4. Selling an analog Bartech and M-One motor in great condition. Reason for sale is its a backup I no longer need. Includes: -Bartech Receiver -Bartech Handunit/Transmitter -M-One Motor & bracket -(6) Motor Gears Various Pitches -(3) Step Down Rings for 15mm and 5/8" -(3) Marking Strips -(1) Marking Disc -(2) Ptap Power Cables -(2) 4 Pin XLR Power Cables -(2) Arri 24V Power Cables -(2) Motor Cables -(2) On/Off Cables (Red One, Arri 3 Pin) -Cable Pouch -Pelican 1450 $4500 Available for pickup in Los Angeles or I can ship in the US Please email AaronMSmith1@yahoo.com
  5. Looking to buy an MDR2 only. Not looking to buy anything else just the MDR. Please call or text Aaron at 805-407-4272 Or email AaronMSmith1@Gmail.com
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