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  1. I replaced my batteries this spring and can offer my previous set. I have 10 Broadcast Camera Battery (BCB) batteries with 160 watt hour capacity. They are over 4 years old and have been in routine service in that time. They have exhibited a substantial drop-off in run time, in fact, 2 no longer hold much of a charge. I can't guarantee how long the remaining eight will provide sufficient power but for now they are serviceable. All show signs of normal wear and a couple of the shells are coming apart as well. I don't have a good gauge as to what used batteries are worth but I'm open to offers. I'm asking $40 per battery but would part with all 10 for $350. They seem to charge on any charger I put them on but I can sell a charger as well if buyer needs. I'm offering these as local pickup only. Please contact me with questions. Ross Coscia / 818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com
  2. Cleaning out my garage, I came upon all the docking brackets I used with my last sled. They have been sitting in storage for a couple years and I'm finally confident they can go. The list: GAD2 docking bracket (complete) https://steadimoves.com/product/gorelock-1-2-complete/ Mag-Dock https://steadimoves.com/product/mag-dock-1-2/ 2x 1.79" collars https://steadimoves.com/product/gorelock-2-new-style-docking-ring-call-d-sizes/ 1x 2" collar 1x 3/4" spud (extra) Retail on this will cost you over $1800 before tax and shipping. I'm asking $1600. Everything is in perfect working order with normal signs of wear. I'm happy to ship anywhere at buyers expense. Feel free to contact me with questions. Ross Coscia / 818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com
  3. I'm selling a Transvideo 8" Cinemonitor HD Evolution 3 XtraBright Enhanced monitor. Included is everything that comes with this monitor new. I have 2 of these monitors and no longer want to carry such an expensive backup as these monitors are bullet proof. I've never had to use my backup or had any issue with visibility. This one was purchased new in September of 2018 and was my primary monitor until recently. I've decided to find a cheaper backup monitor as these monitors are over $5,000 new. It is in perfect working order with only minor signs of wear on the body. Included: Transvideo 8" e-SBL monitor (S/N 18JS0028) instruction manual hdmi cable usb cable hd-sdi cable Pelican case with foam inserts I can also provide the original mounting hardware that comes standard on the monitor (not pictured). As I mentioned, I paid over $5k for this monitor new (I can provide the invoice as well). I'm asking $4,300. I'm happy to ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions. Thanks, Ross Coscia 818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com
  4. This kit has not seen much use in recent years so I can't justify keeping it. I sold the MDR-2 a while back and with it most of the cables from this kit. I am keeping an MDR-4 for my steadicam so this is what's left over. Everything is in good working order with normal signs of wear and tear. The list includes: Preston HU3 (S/N 1399, includes cover plate and hand grip) 6x Preston HU3 Focus Rings Preston Digital Micro Force 2 (S/N D25619, includes HU mounting arm and HU power cable) 2x battery charger 3x Sony HU batteries 1x Paddle with quick release 3x Preston DM-2 motor (S/N 5301, 5312, 4287) 11 Focus gears 3x PAM motor mounts (includes 3x 15mm & 3x 5/8" captive reducers) Pelican 1600 case (custom foam insert) I'm asking $12,000 but I'm open to offers. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions. I'm happy to ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Thanks, Ross 818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com
  5. I have decided to sell this system as I haven't put it to work in over a year. The entire kit was sent in for service at the very end of 2018 and given a clean bill of health. Thanks to the pandemic, it has seen very little action in the time since. There is evidence of wear and tear on all components but no structural damage. I'm asking $10,500. I'll gladly ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Below is a break down of the contents. Please feel free to contact me directly. 818 284 5172 / rwcoscia@gmail.com Teradek Case 1x Tx SN 99600440 1x Rx SN 99700598 1x Rx SN 99700599 1x Array antenna with yoke 1x Rx cradle with gold-mount battery plate 5x Array cables 2x baby pin mount 2x Tx antenna 10x Rx antenna 1x Tx mounting bracket Assorted Tx 1/4-20 mounting bolts Camera Essentials divided pouch 2x 2-pin to 2-pin power 2x 4-pin to 2-pin power (XCS sled power) 2x Panavision power 2x P-tap to 2-pin power 2x straight BNC 2x curly BNC 1x USB 1x HDMI 2x AC power
  6. This sled has sold. The XCS HD Digital Level is still for sale however. I'm asking $6500. The level comes with case, cables, and cd. Thanks for your interest.
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