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  1. Jerry hill docking bracket $800 USD doccking ring for $80 each X2 Total: $960 USD buyers pay for shipping, location: Vancouver Canada contact: jwmanzano@gmail.com
  2. WCU-4 a $350USD Remote License Key include $7,000USD 1x cforce mini RF $4000USD 2x cforce plus $2500USD each 1x compact zoom control $2000USD SXU1 $4500USD Included for free: 24x disk each disk cost about $40usd, 9 cables, brackets, 8 batteries, 3 chargers Total: $22,500 USD
  3. STW700 transmitter 1:2, array antenna x1 Extra power cables and antennas free
  4. -M2Volt (Sled with the top stage integrated volt, universal monitor mount, hard case, lower 3rd battery mount and the docking bracket.) $27,000 USD ******the 2 transvideo monitor and the cineleve ARE NOT INCLUDE****** condition: Brand new 5 month old Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada jwmanzano@gmail.com
  5. Pro arm 4 blues 2 blacks canister bag $17,000USD located at Vancaouver BC Canadá
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