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  1. Is it a PRO II Post w/ upper J-Box ? Which Center Cable SD or HD? Price please.
  2. PRO Donkey Box s/n 201/ For Sale : $2,000. US OBO
  3. Still for Sale! Motor is worth at least $900.! Bump!
  4. XCS Ergo Handle right side non-Goofy $800.
  5. XCS Ergo Handle right side non-Goofy $800.
  6. Looking for a Backstage Mfg. ShotSaver Dolly/Rickshaw. Contact ; Randycam@aol.comShot Saver Dolly .pdf
  7. Which Pro CenterPost is it & Which top stage? Upper Junction Electronics Box & Donkey Box?
  8. WTB : GPI Pro II Center Post ( SD or HD or no Center Cable)
  9. Hi Randy, how are you?

    does the Anton Bauer set still for sale?

    would you accept PayPal?



    1. Randy Nolen

      Randy Nolen

      Yes,  LA pick-up only. 

  10. For Sale : Anton Bauer - 7 Hytron 50's/ 4-AB Performer Ni-Cads/ 2 Interactive 2000 Chargers ( 1 w/Discharge circuit) & Anvil Case. *( 2 Hytrons need Re-Cell, Some Performers need Re-Cell maybe?) Good for Powering Monitors Etc. $600. OBO
  11. For Sale : Preston FIZ -HU-1/MDR-1/DM1 Motor + 4 Focus Rings/2 Batts (need re-cell)/Charger/ 4 Run Cables (Arri/Movicam 3-Pin, Movicam 2-Pin, Sony Hirose, Fujinon Hirose) & Manuels. $1,400. OBO
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