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  1. Hi Randy, how are you?

    does the Anton Bauer set still for sale?

    would you accept PayPal?



    1. Randy Nolen

      Randy Nolen

      Yes,  LA pick-up only. 

  2. For Sale : Anton Bauer - 7 Hytron 50's/ 4-AB Performer Ni-Cads/ 2 Interactive 2000 Chargers ( 1 w/Discharge circuit) & Anvil Case. *( 2 Hytrons need Re-Cell, Some Performers need Re-Cell maybe?) Good for Powering Monitors Etc. $600. OBO
  3. For Sale : Preston FIZ -HU-1/MDR-1/DM1 Motor + 4 Focus Rings/2 Batts (need re-cell)/Charger/ 4 Run Cables (Arri/Movicam 3-Pin, Movicam 2-Pin, Sony Hirose, Fujinon Hirose) & Manuels. $1,400. OBO
  4. Definitely Sold this time!
  5. I have a Booth "Vintage Steadi-Stuff" at Steadicam Guild's "Steadicam Ops Expo" after Cinegear 6/2 in Burbank, Ca. (Tiffen's Parking Lot) It's a Garage Sale of used Vintage Steadi-Stuff Parts & AKS! If you have any Vintage Steadi-Stuff you want to sell bring it to my Booth (Booth gets 5% Commission). If your in LA for "Cinegear" come on by after we can swap OLD WAR STORIES!
  6. Randy Nolen

    Preston HU1-MDR1 + DM1 motor Value

    Wondering what a fair price for a Preston HU1-MDR1+ DM1 Motor?
  7. Sale Fell Through! Still for Sale!
  8. Sale fell through! Still For Sale!
  9. Pro Titanium Arm & Vest Socket Blocks - Used ( Arm Socket Block missing Adjustment hardware, you'd have to re-build it). Titanium Blocks should be used together. $600. US or best offer. Prefer LA pick-up or Buyer pays shipping.
  10. XCS Ergo Handle-Used (Regular- non-goofy) $1000. US Prefer LA pick up or buyer pays shipping.
  11. Klassen Hard/Vehicle Mount, Brand New in Nalpak Case, never use once not a scratch on it! (A Configuration) Prefer LA pick-up or Buyer pays shipping. $1,495. US
  12. WTB : Battery Charger F/ Anton Bauer Dionic HC's. Contact : Randycam@aol.com
  13. WTB : PRO II Lower Electronics Junction Box w/Jumper Blocks & AB Battery Hanger. Contact : Randycam @aol.com
  14. I have one ! XCS Ergo Handle regular/right hand. $1K US.