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  1. Personally I quite like assigning it to the Zoom rocker on the side of the unit, this is really easy to do, go into TX Config, select Map Roll input and then you just select zoom rocker.
  2. So the first thing I noticed more than anything is it looks like the rig isn't in static balance, as you seem to be continually fighting the rig to attempt to level the horizon and it never once settles into a level position and continually seems to go off level in the same direction. The next thing is you are definitely gripping the rig too tight with your operating hand, way too tight, this will introduce a pendulum effect as you walk because you grip is too tight to correct for inertia related forces that throw the rig off level on the tilt axis. Some great suggestions here from eve
  3. Yes, I feel very fortunate to be getting an exceptional amount of work with my MOVI M15 kit that I have designed and customised along with a team of other people. The key to this tool as people like Pedro, Motion State, Chris Herr etc will attest is using it to move the camera in ways that would be either impossible or very difficult with other tools, this is what gets DOPs/Directors excited and continually calling you back to work with them. I guess like a lot of things, it's more about the Operator than the kit, although gimbals require a lot of extra toys to afford you the capabilities to
  4. Hey Artur, In conjunction with moving the hip pads a little lower I would also try loosening off the shoulder straps a little bit and expanding the adjustable front spar a tiny bit until you are able to position the "Chest Straps" somewhere around the bottom of your rib cage, right now they are around halfway up your rib cage, which in my experience is not a very comfortable position. That should make everything a bit more comfortable overall, i've found with front mount vests that let you have the option to adjust this section or are fitted to you perfectly in this area (Pro/Artemis) thi
  5. I always supply my own Alexa plates a proper Steadicam specific one for the bottom and a cheese plate for the top so I can mount antlers easily if I need to or go into proper low mode.
  6. Kit, I found quite early on that I preferred to operate with the rig on this side, I tried operating "the normal way" or regular, but it felt so unnatural and awkward, the moment I switched and tried operating goofy I knew I would never go back. Strangely I am not left handed though, I am right handed, but I am also somewhat ambidextrous. I don't think there is anything wrong with operating this way, it seems to be quite common over in the UK, personally I find it's quite nice for my spatial awareness, because whether I am handheld or on Steadicam I am always used to being aware and moving w
  7. -Personally I would be looking to find a UK dealer to offer grown up support for any system I bought into. CVP or The Lens Foundry -I would be interested in a gimbal system that used my existing investment in Vlock batteries.. ideally from a belt pack.. why handhold a brick? The Freefly MOVI M15....keep the v-locks for the control unit maybe, but personally for the gimblal itself I have a better solution that I have moved onto which is superior to the LIPO's or V-locks. -Also Im interested in a single axis gimbal that would offer me 'perfect horizon' but be mounted on my stead
  8. First one looks like it could be an archer 2 gimbal
  9. Looks like the relatively new Mini-Libra head
  10. Hi Chris, I have a complete Preston G4 single channel set-up I was looking at selling in the new year, in great condition, with a nice custom case and a DM2x motor. I'll drop you a message/email when I get a minute.
  11. It's a cool mod, but if you guys aren't liking the Klassen vest for this reason, then you should try the Exovest, which manages to achieve exactly what you are after with this mod, without having to have a million different straps running over your body.
  12. Hello Philippe, Have you tested this using "mimic mode" to drive a MOVI M15? It would be amazing for that, Curious to hear your thoughts. James
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