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  1. It was a very interesting job for me. This shot between the classic steadicam flying and POV…
  2. I see that the rotation of OMEGA and theatrical platform is completely synchronized!
  3. Yes, of course. My friend bought one. The motor is not really fast and bulky, the battery in the receiver isn't substituted (as in the iPhone). I mounted it on the iris with my CMotion.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, Tim. This photo is 640 X 480, 80 kilobytes, jpeg. Any other pictures also does not load.
  5. I can't attach the file to my reply to the topic. The file has the normal size, but I see "This upload failed". If I use the "image" function, I see "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community". Last year I didn't have this problem. I wrote the letter to Tim Tyler, but there is no answer. Igor.
  6. I use Bauer batteries (Dionic 90, 160 and HC). In September, 2014 I bought in London two batteries PAGlink HC-PL94T Model 9306 on the test. I use them within half a year (I have usually 150-180 working days in a year) and here my opinion: 1. Full compatibility with my Dual 2722 charger. On the display all information of the battery is displayed ( model information, serial number, date of manufacture, number of cycles, Etc). 2. Unfortunately impossible to connect the PAG and Dionic battery or a recorder together. Between PAG batteries is installed the new lock and additional contact for data exchange. The lock has no side play and vibrations. 3. The weight of the Dionic 90 is equal to PAG weight, and two batteries PAG is almost equal to one Dionic 160. It is very convenient for my stabilizer. 4. The housing material is very strong and contacts on a back of the battery aren't damaged. 5. I have no information about manufacturers of sells within PAG batteries, but batteries are very well hold a charge on the cold (the "russian winter"). And of course, batteries new, I know. I want to buy two more pieces of PAG batteries on substitute to my old Dionic 90, it expensively but it is my choice. Excuse for my English, you are professionals and understand me.
  7. Style of 1978 in the Russian cinema crew - Leather raincoat and smoking cigarette... all the time. Stalker (1979) - Cinematographer Alexander Knyazhinsky, photo by Sergey Bessmertny.
  8. My friend Max Volokh from St. Petersburg in Museum of Contemporary Art. Wow...
  9. Well, guys. Here extreme pictures from my friends, steadicam operators.
  10. The picture was in a free access in an Internet network. Tell to the moderator, if a problem, please.
  11. Excellent idea from Charles Robert Darwin...
  12. It is my "photoshop art". It is "black humour" and an "old post card" style.
  13. Here is what I'd like to say. Most guys in this forum are steadicam operators. All of us, including myself, love our job. I want to suggest collecting all steadicam operators' pictures for many years in this topic. They can be company logos, T-shirt and hat images, magazine ads or just pictures made after work that graphically depict our profession - with a sense of humor and very precisely. If some of the pictures turn out to be more advertising than art or are copyright, we can always ask the moderators to delete them.
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