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  1. Hi Ross very interested. Where are you located in LA? Love to come see in person. My# 818-427-3041 Thanks, Ron
  2. I have had one for a year or so...works great like A-A-Ron said. I use the gyro as well...on the slow speed because I am old
  3. I think there was a thread in the fb steadicam forum about this, and Mike Alba (one of the two ops) chimed in for a bit. I appreciate the effort though would like to see if the long shots bore me to tears. That's the trick, holding the audience's attention and telling the story, not showing how long one can go without cutting.
  4. A lot of people have been messaging me about the wrap grip I use. It is an old school item from the days before tooless gimbals. Lucky I still have a few as I am too old to figure out how to operate above the gimbal in lowmode. Here are some pics so someone can go have a few made Please note that even with all these cool accessories my lowmode still sucks
  5. With Robert's name on the cases it might be worth more!
  6. Hey! I use a Q-Branch tilt plate. It is actually pretty good...well, I think it is good because it's the only add-on tilt plate I have tried! It is very light-weight and about the same dimensions as an XCS plate. I have the prototype which had some clearance and locking issues. I believe these issues have since been taken care of. I can go about 20 degrees without having re-rig or lose the mdr. I believe it will go to 45 deg. Really nice to have.
  7. I am thinking the same thing...I use the backstage shotsaver dolly as my cart and Want to put these on the back -- I miss not having breaks and having to use wheel chocks all the time. The lock for the rotation adds an inch so they may be too tall for my cart.
  8. They are the same wheels, I love them, very well made. I tought of moving the axle up to see if it would work with an 8" tire but was kinda wanting to try putting these on the back of my rickshaw cart (or selling them before modifying them). I have 8" on the cart now and 10" is much better about getting over obstacles. I have mixed feelings about wheels on a stand -- beats the shit out of your gear, probably more so now that everyone has gore-locks
  9. If you want 10", American grip sells some badass ones with tire brake as well as rotation lock. They are the same ones on their crankovators. Expensive but really nice. I have three I never use just because I travel so much, and the rig usually sits on the cart To be honest I wish they were exactly the same but 8"
  10. I know a great parking lot at 5153 Hollywood Blvd
  11. I licked mine and now it fits great
  12. I take an extra minute to move the monitor to a better viewing position and add a wrap grip under the gimbal. No complaints on the extra time and I am still looking down at my monitor instead of up and missing my peripheral vision
  13. Moving fast with long lenses, long camera setups and/or low mode will open up a can of worms...especially if one uses a dbox2. The 3 is so much better but still not immune to a bit of vibration. The camjam is petty solid. The best rig for sucking up the vibrations in an XCS Ultimate. I know many who use the XCS post on their pro's and have fewer issues that I might have with same top and bottom stage and stock post
  14. He probably has diodes installed to prevent reverse voltage...I think David Hable does a similar mod (if he didn't do this one)
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