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  1. Fikenca has quite a few Vest Bags, Sled Bags and Arm Bags in stock if anyone is interested. Check my website for pictures. Babita info@fikenca.com
  2. Sorry just realized that you are looking for vest not the vest bag. Babita
  3. Have you seen the vest bag Fikenca Makes. www.fikenca.com I can send you a quote if still interested. Babita
  4. What kind of buckles and straps are you looking for. I might be able to help. Babita info@fikenca.com
  5. I can fix your zipper. I {FiKenCa} is the one who sew Rock Steadi gear. If anyone needs anything which Rock Steadi Gear used to sell than let me know please. Babita
  6. Check out our new and improved website www.fikenca.com
  7. Well thanks Jarrett Morgan, Iam glad to hear that you liked your bags. If there is anything else you need let me know.
  8. We make the Fiz bag Our contact is info@fikenca.com.Lets us know if you are interested we will send you a qoute
  9. We are the ones who make the vest bag. Our company name is Fikenca Enterprice. You can get hold of us at info@fikenca.com
  10. Well first I would want to thanks my dear customers Two Jay, Kar Wai NG and Jens Piotrowski . Yes we make all the backs for Modular51 and you can also other the bags from me directly too. info@fikenca.com www.fikenca.com
  11. Hi Richard , We make the arms bag. The company is called Fikenca Enterprice and also must have seen our product with Modular 51. Our contact is info@fikenca.com Phone # is 604 755 9944. Website is www.fikenca.com but unfortunately I done have a picture on our website yet but if you would go to www.modular51.com you will see the picture and our price is $75.25 +shipping . Babita
  12. I can see that you have our Vest Bag there.
  13. Hi Kyle. We make the sled case and also the vest and the arm cases. I do have some picture on our we.site at www.fikenca.com
  14. We make the sled case I will try to send you a photo.contact us at info@fikenca.com

  15. Hi We make the soft case for the vest bag and we also make the arms bag too.We are the one who supplies Modular51. Contact us info@fikenca.com

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