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  1. Selling my Preston single channel hand unit. Not pictured but included are 1 blank marking ring, 4 batteries and 1 charger. asking $3,200
  2. Is anyone using the YaegerPro steadicam cart?
  3. Selling my Cardellini Head-Lock for Oconnor 2575. This is the OCHL model (not the HL model), sells new for over $500. Asking $400
  4. I have an upcoming project and looking for a Wave. Thanks Mark
  5. Selling my personal 2575B, works great, never had a problem. Send a message with any questions. Located in NY. Asking $5,000.00
  6. DM2 motor MDR2 power cables, Arri, Panavision, Pro, XLR camera control cables Arri, Panavision, Red cinetape cable command cable serial cable camera mounting bracket Not pictured also included, PAM bracket and motor cable All in good shape Having issues downloading photos, if interested I can send files. Asking $2,500
  7. Selling 6 IDX E-HL9S 14.4v, 6.0Ah,87Wh, v-mount batteries, all hold charge, housings have no cracks. $50 ea.
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