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  1. Mark Schmidt SOC

    For Sale: Preston DM2 motor, MDR, cables

    MDR2 is G4, blue dot
  2. DM2 motor MDR2 power cables, Arri, Panavision, Pro, XLR camera control cables Arri, Panavision, Red cinetape cable command cable serial cable camera mounting bracket Not pictured also included, PAM bracket and motor cable All in good shape Having issues downloading photos, if interested I can send files. Asking $2,500
  3. Selling 6 IDX E-HL9S 14.4v, 6.0Ah,87Wh, v-mount batteries, all hold charge, housings have no cracks. $50 ea.
  4. Still for sale? Would you sell center post separately?
  5. Mark Schmidt SOC

    1.5" Docking Bracket

  6. Mark Schmidt SOC

    Custom Interface Shark Fin Antenna

  7. One CIT shark fin antenna for sale. $50 obo. plus shipping email monkeypaws@mac.om
  8. Mark Schmidt SOC

    1.5" Docking Bracket

  9. Mark Schmidt SOC

    Sled Case For Sale

  10. Mark Schmidt SOC

    XCS PDL Plus For Sale

    PDL is sold
  11. Mark Schmidt SOC

    Classic CP 1.5" docking bracket

  12. Mark Schmidt SOC

    Cable Maker NYC

    I spoke with Chris the other day as he is making me a new cable.
  13. Mark Schmidt SOC

    1.5" monitor bracket

  14. Mark Schmidt SOC

    Sled Case For Sale

    Encore sled case, Gray with Black sides In good working condition, latches and hinge are in good shape. Dirty with labels Has foam but not very well cut. D. 30"l x 19"w, 6"d, lid 2.5" $50+shipping email monkeypaws@mac.com