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  1. I have been working with a lot of rigs, from glide cam to bass on and steadicam, right now I’m flying with a modify provid , I’m in between get a zephyr or this new option, because of this extra Payload, I’m a little afraid that 23 lbs aren’t enough to fly some camera packages
  2. Hi I just saw the new steadiproline raven https://www.steadyproline.com/camera-stabilizers any news or comments about this stabilization system? For the same prize of a new zephyr, you can get a rig with bigger payload. But what about quality???
  3. Any reviews about the Steadi proline raven black edition? There is no much info about it. But for the price and payload seems like a good deal
  4. I have been flying a Modifying steadicam Provid, for the last 6 years or so, but I think is time to upgrade, I have been thinking on a zephyr but i dont know if im gonna miss those extra 3lbs that the provid offer me... Any recommendations about changing for a zephyr or looking for a bigger rig ???
  5. Hellou, My name is Cesar Alvarez, and i have been a steadicam operator for 5 years now. Next month i ll do my real first feauture as a Stedicam Op ( I have participated in other proyects but only for one or two weeks) this would be a seven weeks proyect and i ould love to get as many advices i can get, because this is my longest continious work ever. thanks for all your tips C
  6. Hi Luciano, where are you right know? i may be interesting in your rigs i just need to see it , right know im in mexico

  7. Hi i saw you ad about the preston system, do you have any pictures of it, and what i the box for the price? thanks

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