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  1. a very reliable EFP arm, in perfect condition. Will be shipped the buyers gimbal size pin upon request. Can't upload photos for some reason, so email me for further info and pics. 2700$ plus shipping Danielhanit@gmail.com www.hvs.co.il
  2. For sale an EFP arm, in very good condition.

    I'll arrange a pin size for the buyers gimbal upon request.

    2700$ plus shipping




  3. If you decide at some point that shipping is an option, please let me know. Thanks, Daniel
  4. An Archer 1 gimbal 1.5" for sale. Great condition. Selling because of a Volt upgrade. Make offers please. danielhanit@gmail.com Best
  5. You're asking for 1500£ while they are sold for about third that price new...
  6. Hi Daniel, I have an Archer 1 gimbal for sale if you're still in the market. Danielhanit@gmail.com Best, Daniel
  7. Hello, i just replaced my Archer 1 gimbal to an Archer 2 for adding the Volt, so I may sell the Archer 1 gimbal if you want it. best, Daniel Hanit danielhanit@gmail.com
  8. Hi there, If you decide to split, I may be interested in your sled. Please let me know... Heres my email: danielhanit@gmail.com Best, Daniel
  9. Selling a flawless wireless SDI/ HDMI system. Comes in a custom case. Selling for 4,000$ For photos please email to: danielhanit@gmail.com
  10. Will it fit older sleds like the Archer or Ultra? Whats the price of a new M1 volt sled? Thanks!
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