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  1. Saw this the other day and just have to give a shout out to the Trinity op, Chad Chamberlain and his team, some really impressive operating, great choreography and well thought out, very inspiring:) Love seeing guys pushing the limits of the tools. Cool to see the BTS footage as well. BTS
  2. Hey folks. Looking for a place to stay for 4 days in November in Brooklyn NY. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks Kelsey W.
  3. Excellent, thanks gents! What about ballon tires?:)
  4. Broom ball shoes are fantastic! Never had a "slipping" feel when using them, like suction cups on ice:) https://www.broomball.com/listing.aspx?CID=2
  5. Hello guys! Building a rickshaw and looking for recommendations on where to buy wheels? Thanks Kelsey W.
  6. Hey Hugo. Unfortunately, your are SOL:( I had the same post and it doesn't come apart. I tried really hard, but after talking to Jack @ Pro, it wasn't meant to come apart. Sorry to be the barrier of bad news. Cheers, Kelsey W.
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences guys. I think we all know how fortunate and lucky we are to be able to be a part of this great film/TV biz. I just want to keep doing what I love and pushing the envelope!:) Nice to see some steadi ops adapting to the technology and embracing it rather than fighting it ;)
  8. Great, thanks for the info Brett, much appreciated! I think it would be a good asset to have as part of your kit, just not sure how much use it would get. Trying to gather as much info as I can so I can make an informed decision!:) Cheers, Kelsey W.
  9. Hey guys! Looking for info on Steadi ops (more specifically film/TV ops) who have added a 3 axis gimbal to their kits. Was it a good decision or bad? What percentage of your revenue comes from each now? How much lower is your gimbal rate to Steadi rate? Has having the gimbal rig helped or hurt your Steadi gigs? What about using the gimbal with separate controller? I.e. Giving the DP the controller and you operate. Thanks in advance for your input! Cheers, Kelsey W.
  10. Kelsey W. Smith


    Hey Robin. I'm hoping you can help me. I've emailed as well as called and left VM's to Tiffen and have not gotten any response. Are they still in business? I need to get this arm issue resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Kelsey W.
  11. Kelsey W. Smith


    Thanks Victor, unfortunately, thats just the operations manual, not the service manual.
  12. Kelsey W. Smith


    Thanks for the reply Robin. Funny I left a VM and an email with Tiffen Steadicam USA and not a response, not very good customer service:( There was talk of a service manual for the G70 arm. Is there somewhere I can download a copy? Thanks Kelsey W.
  13. Kelsey W. Smith


    Hey guys. Prepping for a commercial and having a problem with my G70 arm. Emailed and left VM for Tiffen, but response yet. The lift knob on my arm rotates after I set the desired setting. When I boom the arm up and down, the lift knob doesn't hold its position. Anyone else ever have this problem? Any solutions? Thanks Kelsey W.
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