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  1. Excellent! Thanks Paul! Will contact AB service dept.
  2. Doh:( Anyone know of anywhere else to get chargers chipped?
  3. Does anyone know if Ritter Battery is still in biz? Phone # doesn't work and no respond from email:( Thanks
  4. Walter Klassen back mount vest for sale. Very good condition. Can be used either as regular or goofy operating. Spare parts: Pump, arm case, spare parts case, vest bag I’m 6’, use to weight 200lbs, now 180lbs, still fits:) $3300 USD + shipping.
  5. Saw this the other day and just have to give a shout out to the Trinity op, Chad Chamberlain and his team, some really impressive operating, great choreography and well thought out, very inspiring:) Love seeing guys pushing the limits of the tools. Cool to see the BTS footage as well. BTS
  6. Hey folks. Looking for a place to stay for 4 days in November in Brooklyn NY. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks Kelsey W.
  7. Excellent, thanks gents! What about ballon tires?:)
  8. Broom ball shoes are fantastic! Never had a "slipping" feel when using them, like suction cups on ice:) https://www.broomball.com/listing.aspx?CID=2
  9. Hello guys! Building a rickshaw and looking for recommendations on where to buy wheels? Thanks Kelsey W.
  10. Hey Hugo. Unfortunately, your are SOL:( I had the same post and it doesn't come apart. I tried really hard, but after talking to Jack @ Pro, it wasn't meant to come apart. Sorry to be the barrier of bad news. Cheers, Kelsey W.
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences guys. I think we all know how fortunate and lucky we are to be able to be a part of this great film/TV biz. I just want to keep doing what I love and pushing the envelope!:) Nice to see some steadi ops adapting to the technology and embracing it rather than fighting it ;)
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