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  1. Hi Spencer 

    I have a brand new 1/1/2" 2 stage post only No loom no mounting ends just the post if you are interested .

    I can provide you with the standard mounting for EFP and PRO if needed ok.

    ( Please ignore the 2nd lockout on the photo and the upper junction box. )

    Lets talk .

    Louis Puli .

    Post Steadyrig Posts  .png

  2. Looking for a 1.5" Post for my Artemis system. Thanks, ~Spencer
  3. XCS Gimbal setup for 2" post. Ergo handle with 5/8" receiver. The Gimbal is part I have a whole sled that is available if anyone is interested. Shoot me a message at spencermeffert@gmail.com if you want any details on the sled or specific requests. Sled: PRO DB2 Decimator Downconvertor 2" XCS Post w/SD cable (brand new PRO style threads) XCS Gimbal w/Ergo Handle XCS Monitor Bracket Jerry Hill Battery Hanger Transvideo 6SBL Monitor w/digital level
  4. Hello, I have a few items I'm looking to sell. Some of it is RED and some of it is not. Here's a link to the "For Sale" site. http://www.spencermeffert.com/for-sale Quick list of what's included: RED Epic-M Dragon #777 RED Canon Motion Mount Flanders Scientific CM250 2x Panasonic BT-LH2550 RED Sidehandle REDvolt Kit REDrocket w/enclosure CamWaves Skintone OLPFs Servicevision Scorpio Follow Focus system Steadicam 3A arm MoVI M10
  5. Looking to pick up a single channel ARRI controller.
  6. Looking to purchase a WCU-4 kit. Any configuration of gear considered. Please contact me at: spencer (dot) meffert (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks! ~Spencer
  7. Looking to purchase a Weaver Steadman head ASAP. Cheers, Spencer Meffert spencer (dot) meffert (at) gmail (dot) com
  8. I have a IIIA arm with Seitz upgrades and gold springs for sale. This arm was overhauled and updated (delrin bumpers, bearing covers, etc.) by Robert Luna in October of 2010. It's a really fantastic piece and it's a shame to see it go. Unfortunately, I need to raise funds for other equipment. Go HERE for all the pictures. please send inquiries to spencer (dot) meffert (at) gmail.com
  9. Looking for a Superpost for a PRO system. Spencer Meffert spencer (dot) meffert (at) gmail.com 608.576.4251
  10. Looking to pickup a second hand Cinetape. I know they don't come up often but if anyone is thinking about letting go of one I'd love to talk with you about it. Cheers, ~Spencer
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