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  1. Hi Found this that seems pretty interesting An electronic level for long arms that I think it could be used on top of the monitor https://www.walmart.com/ip/Send-iT-XSL-Rail-Or-Scope-Mount-Electronic-Anti-Cant-Level-for-Long-Range-Shooting/103000352 Has anyone tried it?
  2. Thank you Jerry!!! Best regards
  3. I heard Panavision standard (5/8, .625, 15,8mm) And regarding distance between bars? Could a 15mm bracket be used?
  4. Hi I do not have the rig in my hands yet, but thinking in adding a third battery in an Ultra 1 sled using the existing battery rods (long enough so they extend to the front of the lower sled) Does anybody knows if a std bracket for 15mm rods would work? Are the rods 15mm and the distance between rods standard? (60mm I guess) Thinking in something like this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1643741-REG/smallrig_3204_v_mount_battery_adapter_plate.html Thanks!
  5. Hi: would you please advice me regarding the use of spacers? We have an EFP gimbal with some freeplay and we were wondering if it was a matter of adding spacers. Thanks!
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