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  1. Love that! Must try it out one of these days.:)
  2. Is there a difference in diameter or clearance of the Ultra2 gimbal and the Shadow Volt Gimbal? I noticed that with my old U2 gimbal, if I tried to use my lowmode bracket, the post would sometimes bump the gimbal so I really stopped trying this method of getting a few inches lower. The Volt gimbal update though seems to have plenty of clearance... Any ideas? I love it!
  3. Lemme know if there's one out there... I'm in Florida. Thx!
  4. Oh another question, typically how many classes does one go to on average to get decent with it?
  5. I'll definitely try Rev Chris! :) I know Janice, I've been testing things lately and after any type bench presses, the next day the base of my skull feels like a fireant mound of activity. There is definitely something being annoyed in both instances. I will say I've been to a orthopedist, neurologist, chiro and massage therapist and none of the Pezo wave/Tesla coil/ultrasound/TENS therapy has provided lasting solutions. Very frustrating to say the least! I'm looking into pillow culprits now too as I don't get that headache during operating, but only the night after whilst sleeping...
  6. I'm checking it out now Chris! Thank you!!! It's definitely not allergies. It's something to do with scalene/sternocleidomastoid/traps that's involved I'm thinking.
  7. Hi everyone, I have some pinched nerve or muscle issue non steadi related that seems to be really irritated by operating lately. I can operate all day no problem, continuously stretch and so forth and I feel more or less great, and yet at night or early in the morning, I'll wake up with a tension type migraine on the right side of my head. I'm right handed too so this fits the migraine pattern. I've gotten an MRI on my right shoulder and it's normal as can be. I can't seem to figure out what in particular is causing this though. Wondered if anyone else out there has ever had something li
  8. Ok! Will do in the next day or so and keep you posted! :) Thank you!
  9. Ahh could be! I'll try to stay in tuned to the hips to see if that's what's going on and keep you posted! :) Thanks Chris!
  10. I'm truly loving my Exo! My spotter is loving it even more if that's possible! :) Has anyone added a little padding to the hip pads? I'm noticing my hip bones are getting very tender after a long day and I have them pretty centered on the pads. I have a 38 inch waist. Thx!
  11. Partially fixed it. So was going from a Sony a7s(HDMI)-Shogun-sled(HDSDI) and the cam was outputting 60i. The Ultra bright no likey. After forcing 24p down from cam to shogun, voilĂ ! Now the question... Why no 60i on the Ultra bright?
  12. By hitting Menu and one of the arrow buttons repeatedly, the config menu appears for like one second and before I can change any settings, it disappears again...
  13. Hey!! I did, still nothing, the green other back there flashes like it sees signal. Strange... It's most frustrating why the menu won't load.
  14. First, I'm using HDSDI. Today I fired up my rig and my monitor isn't detecting SDI sync. I tested with another monitor from top stage to bottom of the sled and the cabling is fine and outputting fine to second monitor. Now I've tried double checking settings in the Ultra Bright and everything looked ok input-wise. Now the main Input/Config/ graphical menu has disappeared and only the textual video input menu is there. I've powered down many times to see if it would come back and it has a couple of times, just for an instant, then disappears only to leave me with the textual input menu.
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