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  1. Hello steadicam community I have a pro and I was using a Starlite monitor like as my low mode monitor on rods with Clamp X! Now I am using the volt in the same rods. How to use the Satélite monitor with volt on PRO?
  2. help to install volt on pro gimbal!To assemble the volt on pro gimbal! Which spacer I have to use? 800-7179 01.02 or 03!They have 3 different sizes!
  3. I feel the vibrations as I walk fast and with the post horizontal. my set up is: pro sled titan arm alexa mini ultra prime lens bartech teradek
  4. I need your help! I am using the alien revolution (Omega) on my PRO sled! And I am feeling vibrations! Is it normal?
  5. Dear Greg, I am in são paulo, but I have a ultra 2 with G70 X and ultra vest! I have a pro too! any problem, call me! + 55 11 98264-0550 all the best!
  6. I am looking for a digital motor to use with the digital Bartech! I don't want to use the Heden motors! Does Anyone know about a different digital motors?
  7. you need to access the menu. and SDI change the video format and re change to the correct format! I don't have pictures now but I will do them!
  8. Anyone has or tried this MCS-1 Movcan wireless lens controller? with 3 motors?
  9. Anyone already has or used title max wireless lens control?
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